Speaking of Events
Speaking of Events
Apr 28, 2022
Remote First - Liam Martin - Speaking of Events - Episode # 010
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Liam Martin is the Director of Running Remote Conference. He is also the author of the book “Running Remote”. His business has been fully remote since it was first launched and he sees the advantage to having remote teams. Liam joins host Kerri Garbis to talk about remote work and event planning. 





  • Events are easier to start up now than in the past. You can start them up in a similar way to how tech startups get going. 
  • Pareto’s Principle says that for many outcomes, roughly 80% of the consequences comes from 20% of the cause. 
  • When looking at running a business, you want to look at what assumptions you are making from your conclusions.
  • Remote work has become normalized during the pandemic, and some of the largest companies are all remote. 
  • With remote first organizations, every employee in theory should have the same informational advantage as the CEO. It creates a culture of transparency.
  • When planning an event, it’s easier to think about the people that shouldn’t be at the event and then you can figure out the kind of people that should be at the event from there.
  • You need to prepare for things to go wrong at an event. Assume that things are going to go wrong and be ready to fill any gaps.


Quote of the Show


33:03 “If you are not in that category, I would highly suggest you actually get some speaker training. Even in just your tonality, the speed at which you speak, you're speaking too quickly, or are you speaking not fast enough, are you pausing in the right moments? This is kind of the thing that takes an okay talk, that's just factual, to something that everyone will remember.”



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