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Welcome to season 2 of Speaking of Events! There is no better way to celebrate the new season than to have the host herself open it up. Kerri Garbis is not only the host of Speaking of Events, but she is the Founder and CEO of Ovation, the go-to resource for professional presence and speaker development training. Join in as Kerri shares her biggest tips for improving your speakers.



  • There are 5 key areas to focus on that will help to improve any speakers you decide to use: Create a “mistakes are good” culture with your speakers, give them options and milestones, get the speakers to rehearse with accountability, content development and rehearsal starts and then the deck gets built, and as the event professional take the speaker training off your plate.
  • Everybody makes mistakes. It’s impossible to get somebody to be absolutely perfect so give them the breathing room to be comfortable to make mistakes.
  • Giving people options or structural parameters doesn’t confine them, it actually frees them. If you give your speakers the key details about what they need to do when getting ready, that will actually help them plan their talk better. 
  • 73% of the population suffers from the fear of public speaking, and 90% of the people who have that fear comes from a lack of preparation. That is why it is so important for speakers be prepared and practice their speech outloud with others. 
  • The deck is the visuals, and would be considered as the backup signer to the main role of the star, the actual speaker. If you build the deck before the rest of the content development, then you are beholden to whatever is on the deck, rather than the actual content.
  • Event professionals have a lot of different things going on all at once, so to help you focus on the overall event it’s worth your time to have a company like Ovation train your speakers. 
  • If Kerri could be any superhero, she would want to be the Flash.


Quote of the Show

“Giving people options or structure or parameters doesn't confine them. It actually frees them.” - Kerri Garbis




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