Speaking of Events
Speaking of Events
Aug 11, 2022
The Client Experience - Nicole Nichols - Speaking of Events - Episode # 024
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Today’s guest is someone who brings unbridled passion to each and every event that they work on. Nicole Nichols is the Associated Director, Marketing and Event Management at The New York Academy of Medicine. Nicole has seen speaker successes and speaker disasters and joins host Kerri Garbis to share some of her tips on how to make an event run smoothly and be a success.



  • Events are an experience. It’s about how you feel when you step into an event space and take part in an immersive experience.
  • You want people to leave an event and when they see a certain brand or graphic it brings them back to the event they attended and they think about it in a positive way.
  • The biggest return on investment is when you get return attendees for events and they can give their testimony to how great the event was.
  • There’s always room to enhance or improve each event. You want your events to reach the next level and make them a little larger.
  • When producing an event, you have to think about what you are offering and make it worthwhile for people to get out of their chairs and attend your event.
  • As a speaker, you should do a little bit of research on the industry your audience is in. That way you can tie in personal touch points and make them relevant and impactful to your audience. 
  • With corporate events, it's more of an experiential event marketing while non-profit is more knowledge-based.


Quote of the Show

3:44 “I wish people would know that events are an experience, they're not just events.”




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