Speaking of Events
Speaking of Events
Dec 15, 2022
Data Doesn’t Lie - Tara Salvatelli - Speaking of Events - Episode # 034
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Data Doesn’t Lie - Tara Salvatelli - Speaking of Events - Episode # 034


Preparation for any event is key in making sure the event goes off without a hitch. Today’s guest is an expert in doing just that. Tara Salvatelli is the Director of Global Events at N-able. Being an event coordinator can be a stressful job but Tara knows the hard work and preparation that goes into making it run smoothly. Tara joins the host Kerri Garbis to share some of her insight on the event planning industry.



  • The general public doesn’t fully understand what goes into event planning. They think it’s just a party with balloons, magicians, and food. But really there is a lot more that goes into it and event coordinator is often ranked as one of the top 5 most stressful jobs. 
  • A big challenge in the industry is that you aren’t able to control technology. Technology can go wrong, so it’s best to plan for something to go wrong and have a backup option.
  • Thinking on your feet is an incredibly important part of this job. In the moment, something could go out of control so you need to be able to think quickly and react swiftly to make sure that the situation doesn’t get worse. 
  • When it comes to working with keynote speakers, it’s important to make sure that they are ready and prepared for the speech they are about to give. That includes making sure they are well-rested and ready to give an A+ speech. 
  • To make an event successful, look at the data that is given to you by the room of people in attendance. You want to make sure that they are engaged with the speaker and that they are actually staying in the room.
  • There are unknowns in the event planning industry that you can’t prepare for, like a musician knocking down important cords that you need. When it comes to situations like these, you want to try and anticipate these things happening beforehand and make sure no accidents happen to the best of your ability.
  • Everyone in the event space can learn from each other. Someone can come up with a new idea that helps to move the industry forward, and you can build off of that idea. 


Quote of the Show

“My wish is that everyone could plan some type of event and then be able to have a little bit of a better understanding as to what's involved in event planning.” - Tara Salvatelli



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