Speaking of Events
Speaking of Events
May 12, 2022
All The World’s A Stage - Bob Bejan - Speaking of Events - Episode # 012
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Bob Bejan is the Corporate Vice President: Global Events, Production Studios and Marketing Community at Microsoft. He is passionate about event planning and finds the entire process to be cool and exciting. Bob joins host Kerri Garbis to talk about strategic events and his tips on how to make them run smoothly.  





  • A lot of work goes into event planning in the corporate world but it can be very entertaining to plan it and put it together. 
  • Human resilience is important when it comes to corporate event planning. When COVID hit, it was tough on the industry and resilience and bounce back of the industry became very important.
  • Being a leader in the event industry means that you need to have patience and be understanding of your employees, but also be strong at the same time. 
  • Don’t be afraid to be a well rounded individual and listen to what others have to say to you. It can make you a better leader. 
  • Inspiring speakers is something that can’t be understated. You want the speaker to feel comfortable and relaxed so they can give a good presentation. 
  • Always plan for something to go. You should always have a backup plan in case technology fails you.
  • Being a performer is about interpretation of work, and that translates into event planning as you can interpret an event to a client's liking.


Quote of the Show


4:41 What makes [events] cool and incredibly compelling is the fact that when you're doing events in the corporate world, the reason the event is happening is because something incredibly important at the company it's happening…The most senior people in the company are always involved, and so it makes it so like you're kind of in the center of everything.”



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