Scrum Institute, Kanban Framework Episode #7
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What Is A Kanban Tool (Kanban Board Tool) for Project Management?

Kanban board tool (Kanban tool) for project management is going to give you a fantastic clarity and transparency of the progress and bottlenecks of your projects.

Kanban cards, colors, swimlanes, tags, and due dates will assist you in composing your work on your digital Kanban board software. You will have the ability to analyze and continuously improve your processes to increase business effi ciency and reduce wastes.

Below are some of the Kanban board tools for project management. International Scrum Institute does not testify the fit or performance of any of these Kanban tools for your own project and business. However, we can confirm that we have a pleasant experience with Trello mentioned in this list.

  • Asana Boards,
  • Azure DevOps Server (to administer Kanban workflows among distributed teams),
  • CA Technologies Rally (to manage software projects with pull-based lean planning tools),
  • Jira Kanban Boards,
  • Meister Task Kanban Application,
  • Microsoft Planner (Part of Microsoft Office 365),
  • Notion App,
  • Projektron BCS (Kanban board and cards for software development and software maintenance teams),
  • Trello (Kanban board tool and electronic Kanban cards for project management)
  • Tuleap (Open source application for software engineering teams),
  • Twproject (project and program management software based on Kanban).
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