How to Sell by Not Selling #505
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How to Sell by Not Selling #505

In the timeless dance of commerce I’d like to reflect a bit on the business aspects of selling, the topic this podcast babbles about weekly. When you consider the profession of sales, what comes to mind? Is it a realm where one must assume the guise of a rapid-talking predator? Do you still hear at times the notion that selling requires you to be the elusive shark in the marketplace? It’s a pervasive belief, and indeed, a hurtful one. So let’s consider this: that the art of selling isn’t a slam dance to the rhythm of forceful persuasion. In fact, the most profound selling arises not from the act of selling itself. Rather, it emerges from a subtler dance—a waltz of not selling. Yes, this is a paradox. Fathom a sales process that flows like a river, effortlessly shaping its course without the turbulent eddies of aggressive pitches. This is our exploration and the topic of today’s episode, how to sell by not selling.

Today’s Chapter: Sell By Not Selling 

When the Master sells, prospects are hardly aware of it,
To them it’s just a conversation about their lives.

Next best is a seller who is loved.
Next, is one who is feared as sleazy.
The worst is one who is considered a huckster.

If you don’t trust the customer, you make them untrustworthy.

The Master Seller doesn’t talk, they act.
When the sale is closed the people say, “We chose wisely”

Today’s Story

Chris was excited to start a new sales position. The new company had great products and services that could save clients significant time while maintaining quality. Chris’s sales manager, Pat, took Chris out on their very first sales call. Chris was shocked that Pat never showed the slide show they had worked on all week.

When Chris and Pat first arrived at the client’s office.  Pat commented on one of the marketing posters on the wall, it was a new product and the prospects were quick to start talking about it. Next, the conversation wound around trends in the industry, the customer’s yearly goals, and challenges with supply chains which led to the services Pat and Chris came to talk about. Before Chris knew it, the prospects requested a quote for a 3-year contract!

“How did you do that?” Asked Chris. “We never even showed them the slide deck. All you did was talk to them! ” 

“Not exactly,” said Pat, “If you noticed, what we really did was ask a few targeted questions and let them tell us what they want and what they need. When I saw they had that one quality issue, I merely mentioned our solution, and bingo, they got excited. My goal is always to have the buyer know they chose wisely and of their own accord. That’s what I call master selling.”

Take Action Quote

Trust your customers to know what’s best for their business. If you listen you will know how you can help. There is no need to arm-twist or be unethical. Your goal is to make sure the buyers choose wisely.  Dismiss what our culture says about salespeople. Instead, create your own story about how you’ve made a difference. Nelson Mandela, anti-apartheid activist and politician once said, “We can change the world and make it a better place. It is in our hands to make a difference.”

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