Less is More When Selling #488
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Less is More When Selling #488

Picture a stage where the actor is a sales professional and their words flow like a never-ending river of verbosity and theatrics! The seller wants but one thing – to present the product in its most complete and benefits-rich manner.  In the next act the seller, stands tall, basking in the spotlight. going on and on and on. Meanwhile, the buyer in the 12th seat of the 5th-row fidgets and readies to bolt for the door. This is not fiction but is often a consequence of the seller’s enthusiasm for the pomp, pageant, and theatre of the sale. In this episode, we are reminded of the art of brevity. Today we speak not to impress but to inspire. For this grand spectacle of selling, it’s the value that steals the show, and the buyer who becomes the true star.  Less is more.

Today’s Chapter –   Less is More

The master seller doesn’t get caught up in pomp and theatre.
They focus on the essence and avoid the fluff.
They dwell in reality and can do no other
letting all illusions go.

They see the situation as it is
navigating rocks and reefs as necessary.
to some it appears they do nothing.
Yet they accomplish much.

While others busy themselves with activity
they have even more left to be done.

Today’s  Story

Lee asked Chris for a demo of the product. Chris was excited to have the opportunity and spent hours preparing with a slick slide deck, multimedia videos, free coffee cups, and bagels too.

As soon as Chris arrived, Lee said that they only had a few minutes to meet and requested Chris go directly to the demonstration. Flustered, Chris kept to the plan designed the day before. Frustrated Lee kept reminding Chris of the time constraints. Before the demonstration was complete, Lee said they had to leave for a customer meeting. Chris was left alone in the conference room except for a sideways deal.

Back at the office Pat, asked how the meeting went. Disappointed Chris shared the story and puzzled about how to turn the deal back on course.

“Always give the customer what they want,” said Pat “When you arrive on a sales call, you never know what you’re going to find. The best-laid plans often get thrown out the window. Be flexible and know that sometimes doing less is doing more. Set up another sales call with Lee, and give them the presentation they requested”.

Take Action Quote

The 20th-century architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe designed office buildings and homes crafted in elegant simplicity. He is famous for the quote,

less is more,

the idea that something can be so beautiful, adding to it will only diminish the beauty. The same can happen in sales.

Sellers often adorn their persuasion with too many words and a torrent of content. Too much information can only hinder the sale and confuse buyers. Instead, share with simplicity and elegance. When it comes to the theatre of the sale, less is more.

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