How to Get a Handle on Objection Handling #480
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How to Get a Handle on Objection Handling #480


If you’ve had any experience in sales you know that sometimes closing a deal is harder than walking a dog through a forest of squirrels. Around every turn, they’re tugging the leash, wrapping it around your legs, wrenching your wrists, and once in a while, slipping out of the collars and it’s off to the races. What’s a seller to do? It can be frustrating working with a prospect that won’t buy nor will they say they won’t buy. They just can’t make up their mind. Do you want it or don’t you want it?  It’s all so confusing, right? How to get a handle on objection handling. That’s the topic for today.

Today’s Chapter: Objection Handling

In pursuit of a deal
every day an objection appears.
In pursuit of closing a deal
each day an objection is dropped.

Can I afford it?
Do I have to take it as is?
Does this work with what I have?
Can I have it with a modification?
Will my people accept the change?
What’s the ROI?

Let objections tumble until non-objection is achieved.
This is closing the sale.

Today’s Story

Chris was frustrated with the Lee deal. Chris first meet them six months ago. In the three sales meetings since Lee has consistently pushed back with objection after objection. 

In frustration, Chris told Pat, “No matter how many questions I answer Lee comes up with another issue that stops them from buying. They’re just making excuses and wasting my time.”

“Hardly,” said Pat. “If they’re not interested they wouldn’t keep agreeing to meet. Every objection is actually a signal for more information.”

“Really?” said Chris. 

“Absolutely,” said Pat. “They want to buy. They’ve already made that decision. They just want to know if they pull the trigger they won’t regret it. Buckle up! This could take a while. But with time and patience, you can close this deal.”

Take Action Quote

Lao Tze wrote,

In pursuit of knowledge, every day something is added. In the practice of the Tao, every day something is dropped.

This is true for buyers too. 

When buyers first learn about a new product they are excited to see if it’s the answer to their prayers. At the same time, they’re filled with an abundance of concerns. It’s a fact that the world is ever-changing, nevertheless “fear of change” is the primary buyer concern. How do you address this? 

You just have to accept it when it comes to objection handling. Accept the anxious buyer and all their anxious apprehensions. But keep in mind that objections are signposts that the buyer wants to buy. Be the patient seller, answer all objections, and in time,  it will all work out. 

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