Israel Hour Radio – Episode #1085: New Israeli Music – May 2021

May 2021 was an interesting month in Israel, full of highs and lows. It began with a general feeling of hope, with most Coronavirus restrictions lifted and life getting back to normal. However, the celebratory mood quickly turned to one of fear, with 4,000 rockets raining down on Israeli cities. Israelis left the streets once again and huddled in bomb shelters. Once that was over, frustration…as antisemitism and anti-Zionism began to emerge around the world. Much of the music you’ll hear this week reflects many of those emotions, punctuated by new songs from Ivri Lider, Noa Kirel and Omer Adam, Marina Maximillian and others. Immerse yourself into Israeli society with a selection of fantastic new Israeli music! (Original Air Date: June 13, 2021)

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Israel Hour Radio Podcast – Episode #1085 – Playlist

  1.  Idan Raichel – Kacha Miyom L’yom (Like This From Day To Day) | Translation | YouTube
  2. Ivri Lider – Sameach (Happy) | Translation | YouTube
  3. Elai Botner & Shimon Buskila – BaChalomot Sheli Shel Yam (In My Dreams of the Sea) | Translation | YouTube
  4. Narkis – Holechet Itcha (Going With You) | Translation | YouTube
  5. Omer Adam & Noa Kirel – Hope | Lyrics | YouTube
  6. Hanan Ben Ari – Cholem Kmo Yosef (Dream Like Joseph) | Translation | YouTube
  7. Miri Mesika & Almog Tobeka – Ten Bi Or (Give Light In Me) | YouTube
  8. Amir V’Ben feat. Roni Dalumi – Safsalim (Benches) | Translation | YouTube
  9. Amir Dadon – HaRuach HaTovah (The Good Spirit) | Translation | YouTube
  10. Kobi Aflalo – Todah She’bat L’chayai (Thank You for Coming Into My Life) | Lyrics | YouTube
  11. Marina Maximillian – HaLev Sheli BaBayit (My Heart Is At Home) | Translation | YouTube
  12. Idan Haviv – Ein Lach Mah Lid’og (You Have Nothing To Worry About) | Lyrics | YouTube
  13. Itai Levy – HaTa’ut HaChi Yaffa (The Most Beautiful Mistake) | Translation | YouTube
  14. Adir Getz – Tefilat HaDerech (Prayer For the Way) | Translation | YouTube

YouTube Playlist: Click Here


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