Lesson 098. Expressing Condolences in Chinese.
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This lesson will teach you expressions in Mandarin Chinese related to death, funeral, expressing condolences etc. You will also learn a bunch of other very useful vocabulary and sentence patterns in Mandarin Chinese. So download your Mp3 file, open a PDF transcript and start learning!

听故事学中文 Learning Chinese through Stories
听故事学中文 Learning Chinese through Stories
Please hit that Subscribe button on your Podcast player, so you won't miss the latest episode. 🏮😄🎉中国新年特辑 Chinese New Year Special Episode 元日 Chinese New Year Transcript of this episode can be found on our Patreon page It is created by Wang An Shi (1021-1086), a well-known politician, poet and prose writer, and calligrapher in Song Dynasty. You can check out him and his famous "new policy reform" 爆竹声中一岁除, 春风送暖入屠苏。 千门万户曈曈日, 总把新桃换旧符。 ************************************************************ 0:00-02:04 👩:听故事学中文,听得越多学得越好,大家好,新年好。 👨:新年好。 👩:牛年大吉,牛年快乐。 👨:祝大家牛气冲天。 👩:牛年发大财。 👨:行大运。 👩:好,今天给大家带来的是一首和过年、春节有关的诗歌、古诗。 👨:嗯,今天给大家带来一首古诗,那么这首诗叫什么名字? 👩:这首诗叫《元日》。 👨:什么? 👩:《元日》。 👨:《元日》。 👩:对啊,这是我个人最喜欢的一首和中国新年、春节有关的古诗。 👨:嗯。 For the whole transcript of this episode and many others, please support us by becoming our patrons. ************************************************************ If you think our podcast is valuable to you and other Chinese learners, become our patron for as low as $5/month.You will have access to all of the transcripts, vocabulary list and patrons only episodes ************************************************************ Are you already a listener? Leaving the show a review on iTunes will help more people find the podcast. Thank you!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
21 min
Mandarin Monkey Podcast
Mandarin Monkey Podcast
Mandarin Monkey
#186 - Questions & Answers Session | Mandarin Monkey Podcast
This is a questions and answer session part one. All questions from you guys, the listeners. Some personal and some Mandarin based. We didn't manage to get through all of them hence the part one. But we will. Thanks to everyone who submitted their questions! Choose your monkey power. Come and get a free lesson. Enjoy extra audio awesomeness or join the Mandarin Monkey WhatsApp group. Website https://www.mandarinmonkey.com Awesome Blog https://mandarinmonkey.com/blog/ HIGH FIVE FRIDAYS MAILING LIST https://mandarinmonkey.com/high-5-fridays/ Get Amazing Mandarin tools www.patreon.com/mandarinmonkey Skritter - Learn to write Chinese https://skritter.com?ref=mandarinmonkey Use promoCode: MANDARINMONKEY for 10% off everything Discord (early stages of set up) https://discord.gg/KHjF7NNq8d The Mandarin Monkey Podcast is a Mandarin Chinese and English Edutainment podcast designed to entertain and educate. Tom (Native English speaker) and Ula (Native Mandarin Chinese speaker from Taiwan) discuss various topics from life to science, from movies to relationships. Also raising three multiracial children they discuss the challenges of raising bilingual children and with learning Mandarin, English and Taiwanese at home. The Mandarin Monkey podcast is a Chinglish (Chinese and English) podcast which also has a Mandarin story and vocabulary review session in every episode. Also, they have guests on the show from different backgrounds, linguists, authors, creators all the way to doctors. Hope you enjoy. #mandarinmonkey #chinglish #Mandarinpodcast #Edutainment
1 hr 20 min
大鹏说中文 - Speak Chinese with Da Peng
大鹏说中文 - Speak Chinese with Da Peng
Da Peng
「阿姆斯特丹-荷兰 l Amsterdam Nederland 我的城市#6」 Speak Chinese with Da Peng #54 大鹏说中文
你听懂了吗?Link to YouTube *https://youtu.be/k5F2Je3h9LA 我的城市#6 你知道“风车之国,运河之国,郁金香之国”是指哪个国家吗? 这个国家就是荷兰,荷兰的首都是“阿姆斯特丹”,也叫“北方水城”。 这周我们将跟着老朋友马台去阿姆斯特丹看一看。 看看那里有什么好玩儿的,好吃的,好看的! 谢谢马台为我们提供了非常详细的信息。 **我们的活动* 活动1:“找错“活动 参加“找错“活动,找到文本和字幕中的错误,告诉我,就可以得到奖品! 活动2:“打电话说中文“活动 申请“打电话说中文“,你就可以和我打电话,练口语。如果你非常想说好中文,但是又没有中国朋友的话,我强烈推荐你申请“打电话说中文“活动。联系我,打上“打电话说中文"就好了! 活动3:“我的城市"活动 你想要你的城市出现在我们的节目中吗?你想让更多的朋友了解你的城市吗? 快来参加“我的城市"活动吧!联系我,告诉我你来自哪个城市,告诉我你的城市是一个怎样的城市,我就会在节目中把你的城市介绍给大家! 邮箱:chinese9339@gmail.com 微信:lawu9339 “说中文“的所有活动和播客都是免费的!!! Support the show (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNmZr4WBw71bdJYjaycLodA)
15 min
Deep Dive from The Japan Times
Deep Dive from The Japan Times
The Japan Times
83: What is Clubhouse and why is it so popular in Japan?
On this week's episode we look at why Clubhouse, an invite-only social media platform, has become all the rage in Japan. Here to discuss is Yuzuha Oka, a tech journalist at NewsPicks Japan, and also Austin Freeman, a Japan Times contributor and founder of the 13,000 member strong clubhouse group Tokyo Unearthed. Read more:  Why is Japan so intrigued by the audio app Clubhouse? (https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2021/02/19/national/media-national/clubhouse-explainer/) (Patrick St. Michel, The Japan Times) Clubhouse tops Japan chart as CEOs and celebrities embrace chat app (https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2021/02/10/business/corporate-business/clubhouse-japan-app-chart/) (Bloomberg via The Japan Times) Clubhouse app offers Chinese rare glimpse of censor-free debate (https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2021/02/08/asia-pacific/clubhouse-china-censorship/) (The Japan Times) Facebook said to be building a product to compete with Clubhouse (https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2021/02/11/business/clubhouse-facebook-product/) (The Japan Times) You’ve been invited to Clubhouse. Your privacy hasn’t (https://www.vox.com/recode/22278601/clubhouse-invite-privacy-contacts-app) (Sara Morrison, Vox) On this episode: Yuzuha Oka (Clubhouse: @yuzu): Twitter (https://twitter.com/yuzuhaoka) | Website (https://yuzuhaoka.wordpress.com/highlights/)   Austin Freeman (Clubhouse: @anxiety): Articles (https://www.japantimes.co.jp/author/austin-freeman/) Oscar Boyd (Clubhouse: @omhboyd): Twitter (https://twitter.com/omhboyd) | Articles (https://www.japantimes.co.jp/author/oscar-boyd/) | Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/oscar.boyd/) Announcements: Sign up to the Deep Dive mailing list (https://www.japantimes.co.jp/email-newsletters/) and be notified every time a new episode comes out. Get in touch with us at deepdive@japantimes.co.jp. Support the show! Rate us, review us and share this episode with a friend if you've enjoyed it. Follow us on Twitter (https://twitter.com/japandeepdive) , and give us feedback. This episode of Deep Dive may be supported by advertising based on your location. Advertising is sourced by Audioboom and is not affiliated with The Japan Times. Photo: Clubhouse as it appears on the App Store.
29 min
Music to my Ears
Music to my Ears
Immediate Media
Paul Morley | Journalist
In this week's episode of the Music to my Ears podcast, we speak to Paul Morley, the pop journalist and musician and, more recently, classical music devotee .  Brought up in Stockport, Paul cut his teeth in music journalism in Manchester. He then went on to write for the New Musical Express, where he rapidly became one of the paper’s most respected critics, leading to regular appearances on radio and TV. In 1983, Morley and producer Trevor Horn founded ZTT Records, which soon hit both the top of the charts and the headlines with the release of Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s Welcome to the Pleasuredome album. In the same year, they also formed the group The Art of Noise, which had a string of hits including a cover of Prince’s Kiss, featuring Tom Jones. In more recent years, however, Paul has turned his attention towards classical music, and in 2010 took part in a BBC Four documentary called The Art of Composing, which saw him study at the Royal Academy of Music for a year. In 2020, he charted his developing interest in a new book called A Sound Mind: How I Fell In Love with Classical Music, which has now been published by Bloomsbury. Paul talked to BBC Music Magazine’s deputy editor Jeremy Pound over Zoom during the second period of lockdown in England, and told him how, from his pop and rock background, he gradually fell under classical music’s spell. Recordings featured: Brian Eno: Fullness of Wind (Variation on Pachelbel's Canon in D) Debussy: Pelléas et Mélisande: 'Je les tiens dans le mains' London Symphony Orchestra, Sir Simon Rattle LSO Live LSO0790 Shostakovich: String Quartet No. 2: I. Overture Borodin Quartet Decca 4834159 Janáček: Words Fail   See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
36 min
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