Lesson 080. Sharing the Bill.
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There is a tradition in China when several friends are having a dinner in a restaurant, someone will try to pay the bill first. This lesson contains most of the vocabulary you will need in conversations when you want to buy someone a dinner/lunch or when someone wants to treat you.

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Daily News Brief by TRT World
Daily News Brief by TRT World
TRT World
Thursday, January 28, 2021
*) Biden pauses Trump policies as Blinken takes diplomatic helm The Biden administration has paused or “put under review” a wide range of Trump-era foreign policies. The administration placed temporary holds on several big-ticket arms sales to the UAE and Saudi Arabia. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said he’s looking urgently at a terrorism designation against Yemen’s Houthis and a review on US-Russia relations. *) New protests as Polish court seals divisive abortion ruling New anti-government protests have broken out in Polish cities after the country's top court confirmed it will further tighten the nation’s anti-abortion law. Termination of pregnancy will now be allowed only if the woman's health is threatened or if the pregnancy is the result of a criminal act. Thousands gathered outside the court building in Warsaw responding to calls for fresh protests by women’s groups. *) Amnesty raps France over weapons used against Lebanon protesters Amnesty International has urged Paris to halt weapons sales to Lebanon, saying the French arms were used to quell peaceful demonstrations. French-manufactured rubber bullets, tear gas grenades and launchers have been used repeatedly since the start of an anti-government protest in Lebanon. Amnesty said its findings were based on analysis of more than 100 videos of protests in Beirut, as well testimonies and medical records collected by researchers on the ground. *) Brazil's Covid-19 response worst, New Zealand's best – study Brazil's handling of the coronavirus pandemic has been ranked the world's worst, while New Zealand topped the class. Sydney's Lowy Institute assessed almost 100 countries on six criteria, including confirmed cases, deaths and testing metrics. Aside from New Zealand – Vietnam, Taiwan, Thailand, Cyprus, Rwanda, Iceland, Australia, Latvia and Sri Lanka made the top 10 for their responses. And finally… *) Oscar-winning, 'irreplaceable' Cloris Leachman dies at 94 Cloris Leachman, an Oscar-winner for her portrayal of a lonely housewife in ‘The Last Picture Show,’ has died at 94. Leachman died in her sleep of natural causes at her home in California with her daughter Dinah Englund at her side. Messages of condolences from fans and colleagues poured out on social media.
2 min
Mandarin Monkey Podcast
Mandarin Monkey Podcast
Mandarin Monkey
#178 - Accommodation | Intermediate | Mandarin Monkey Podcast | Chinglish
We discuss privacy and the whole Facebook/WhatsApp's situation in this one, should we move to Signal or Discord?. Our story for today is about accommodation. Expect to learn words in Mandarin relating to renting and buying, moving house etc. If you enjoy what we do, we have been helpful or at least entertaining have a look at our Patreon and consider supporting us. Or you are completely free not to. :) Website https://www.mandarinmonkey.com Support us www.patreon.com/mandarinmonkey Skritter - Learn to write Chinese https://skritter.com?ref=mandarinmonkey Use promoCode: MANDARINMONKEY for 10% off everything Discord (early stages of set up) https://discord.gg/KHjF7NNq8d This is the Mandarin Monkey Chinglish Podcast. One of the best mandarin podcasts there is. Of course that is up to you to decide. But we use both English and Mandarin Chinese throughout and both speak Chinglish. You can keep up with the conversation because of the English and pick up new words and sentences in Chinese because of the Mandarin. best Chinese learning podcast they all say. Is this one of the best Chinese podcasts or the best Chinese learning podcast? we hear you roar. We would like to think so. best mandarin learning podcast? I thought we had already answered that? We can tell you one thing for sure, it's one fun way to learn mandarin and the best Chinese podcast for beginners and intermediates alike! #mandarinmonkey #chinglish #chinesepodcast
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