Lesson 006. Chinese Food is Good to Eat!
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This lesson will help you order your favorite Chinese food in Chinese.
Order Chinese food in a Chinese restaurant with the help of this lesson. It contains a list of popular and delicious Chinese food suitable for our tastes. Don’t try to memorize the names of all dishes at this stage, however you can bring the lesson transcript with you to a Chinese restaurant and order what you want from the list. Signup to download all 200+ lessons with PDF transcripts.

大鹏说中文 - Speak Chinese with Da Peng
大鹏说中文 - Speak Chinese with Da Peng
Da Peng
「 人真的越来越少了吗?- 人口负增长 | Population Drop」 Speak Chinese with Da Peng #51 大鹏说中文
你听懂了吗?Link to YouTube *https://youtu.be/BXiRZKQ7uj8 新闻内容: *2021一开始韩国就遭遇了有史以来第一个“人口拐点”。 多年来韩国一直在和低出生率问题和人口老龄化问题作斗争, 然而最新的统计结果给了韩国又一个沉重的打击。 数据显示,去年一年韩国的死亡人数超过了出生人数,出现了历史上第一次人口负增长。 *你理解这些词汇了吗?* 遭遇 有史以来 拐点 出生率 老龄化 和……作斗争 然而 沉重 打击 数据 负增长 *我们的活动* 活动1:“找错“活动 参加“找错“活动,找到文本和字幕中的错误,告诉我,就可以得到奖品! 活动2:“打电话说中文“活动 申请“打电话说中文“,你就可以和我打电话,练口语。如果你非常想说好中文,但是又没有中国朋友的话,我强烈推荐你申请“打电话说中文“活动。联系我,打上“打电话说中文"就好了! 活动3:“我的城市"活动 你想要你的城市出现在我们的节目中吗?你想让更多的朋友了解你的城市吗? 快来参加“我的城市"活动吧!联系我,告诉我你来自哪个城市,告诉我你的城市是一个怎样的城市,我就会在节目中把你的城市介绍给大家! 邮箱:chinese9339@gmail.com 微信:lawu9339 “说中文“的所有活动和播客都是免费的!!! Support the show (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNmZr4WBw71bdJYjaycLodA)
16 min
Mandarin Monkey Podcast
Mandarin Monkey Podcast
Mandarin Monkey
#176 - The Interview | Intermediate | Mandarin Monkey Podcast
Todays story is about interviews. And todays chat is about keeping strong in a relationship. Also, Mason had 3 stitches after falling down the stairs! We learn some new words regarding employment and some questions a hiring manager may ask. Enjoy it all in Chinese and English. If you enjoy what we do, we have been helpful or at least entertaining have a look at our Patreon and consider supporting us. Or you are completely free not to. :) Website https://www.mandarinmonkey.com Support us www.patreon.com/mandarinmonkey Skritter - Learn to write Chinese https://skritter.com?ref=mandarinmonkey Use promoCode: MANDARINMONKEY for 10% off everything Discord (early stages of set up) https://discord.gg/KHjF7NNq8d This is the Mandarin Monkey Podcast. One of the best mandarin podcasts there is. Of course that is up to you to decide. But we use both English and Mandarin Chinese throughout and both speak Chinglish. You can keep up with the conversation because of the English and pick up new words and sentences in Chinese because of the Mandarin. best Chinese learning podcast they all say. Is this one of the best Chinese podcasts or the best chinese learning podcast? we hear you roar. We would like to think so. best mandarin learning podcast? I thought we had already answered that? We can tell you one thing for sure, it's one fun way to learn mandarin and the best Chinese podcast for beginners and intermediates alike! #mandarinmonkey #chinglish #chinesepodcast
1 hr 16 min
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