Lesson 046. Adopting a Child.
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Are you planning to adopt a child from China? Do you want to know what to say? How to comfort him/her? Learn some words and expressions in Mandarin Chinese used when talking to a child. Baby talk in Mandarin Chinese.

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Mandarin Monkey Podcast
Mandarin Monkey Podcast
Mandarin Monkey
#177 - Investing Story | Intermediate | Mandarin Monkey Podcast
We have a story about the stock market and investing today for all those who enjoy the business side of things. But we also find a very rude animal whilst musing about the size of an antelope which will forever be funny to us. Also interviewing new teachers which is exciting. If you enjoy what we do, we have been helpful or at least entertaining have a look at our Patreon and consider supporting us. Or you are completely free not to. :) Website https://www.mandarinmonkey.com Support us www.patreon.com/mandarinmonkey Skritter - Learn to write Chinese https://skritter.com?ref=mandarinmonkey Use promoCode: MANDARINMONKEY for 10% off everything Discord (early stages of set up) https://discord.gg/KHjF7NNq8d This is the Mandarin Monkey Podcast. One of the best mandarin podcasts there is. Of course that is up to you to decide. But we use both English and Mandarin Chinese throughout and both speak Chinglish. You can keep up with the conversation because of the English and pick up new words and sentences in Chinese because of the Mandarin. best Chinese learning podcast they all say. Is this one of the best Chinese podcasts or the best chinese learning podcast? we hear you roar. We would like to think so. best mandarin learning podcast? I thought we had already answered that? We can tell you one thing for sure, it's one fun way to learn mandarin and the best Chinese podcast for beginners and intermediates alike! #mandarinmonkey #chinglish #chinesepodcast
1 hr 7 min
Learn Chinese & Culture @ iMandarinPod.com
Learn Chinese & Culture @ iMandarinPod.com
在陕西省西安市往东数十公里处,有一座宏伟的地下军阵,这就是被称作世界第八大奇迹的秦始皇陵兵马俑。 秦始皇是中国历史上一位很有作为的帝王,他生前用了大量人力、物力为自己修造陵墓。秦始皇陵兵马俑就是为陪葬这位皇帝而制作的陶兵和陶马。 秦始皇陵兵马俑发现于1974年。三个兵马俑坑占地约20000多平方米,8000多个与真人真马一般大小的陶俑陶马,排列成整齐的方阵,再现了秦始皇统一中国时兵强马壮的雄伟军阵。 秦始皇陵中的陶俑武士,个个身材魁梧,体态匀称,身高一般在1.80米左右。这些陶俑按照不同的兵种,又分为步兵俑、骑兵俑、车兵俑、弓弩手和将军俑等。他们身穿战袍,手执兵器。有的牵战马;有的驾战车;有的单膝跪地,张弓搭箭;有的挺立阵前,凝视前方……细细观看,陶俑的脸型、发型、体态、神情都各有差异。军阵中的陶马,高1.5米,长2米,表情机警,仿佛马上就要奔向战场。 在秦始皇陵墓的附近,还出土了两套青铜车马,每辆车上都坐一个驾车的铜人,赶着四匹拉车的铜马。铜车马的大小是真车真马的一半。这样大的青铜器,在世界上也很少见。兵马俑为研究秦代的历史、军事和文化艺术,提供了重要的实物资料。
18 min
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