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Steven Rogelberg, author of "The Surprising Science of Meetings"
Nov 25, 2019 · 26 min
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421: Steven Rogelberg, the author of "The Suprise Science of Meetings," exposes the main reasons why meetings are inefficient and shares his tips on how organizations can improve the effectiveness of meetings. Steven points out that there are roughly 55 million meetings per day, and most of them are ineffective or at least suboptimal. He notes that part of the reason is that 20 percent of leaders ever receive any training on how to run a meeting, the training they do receive is not meaningful, organizations have no type of accountability on how their meetings are going, and no one in the organization is owning meetings. To improve meetings, Steven suggests that organizations consider shortening the meeting times, structuring meeting agendas around questions to be answered, banning the mute button for remote meetings, and limiting attendance at meetings to those who must be there. We also discuss the importance of being intentional in meetings, how Steven got the inspiration to write a book on meetings, how a positive mindset from the leader is the best predictor of the mood of the entire team, among other topics. 


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