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Humu CEO Laszlo Bock
Sep 9, 2019 · 20 min
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410: Humu Co-Founder and CEO Laszlo Bock describes the genesis, development, and deployment of Nudges, which were created to address that problem that great numbers of people are miserable in their jobs. Nudges are digital reminders that prompt the small actions that are most impactful when driving five factors: organizational performance, retention, individual happiness, inclusion, and innovation. In addition to using the product themselves, Humu targets large organizations as customers in order to make the greatest impact toward their mission and to ensure that they are developing products around data sets that are representative of the general population of workers. We also discuss the values that Laszlo draws from his time at Google, why he believes analytics, statistics, and computer science will drive a revolution in HR, and how immigrants, such as Laszlo himself, are fundamentally entrepreneurial in character.


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