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Marketplace Tech
Jan 22, 2021
President Biden called for an end to disinformation. Will the internet hear him?
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We as a country are trying to figure out what is true. Or more accurately, whether we can agree on what is true. In his inaugural speech this week, President Joe Biden called for a return to truth and an end to the deliberate spread of misinformation. That happens on social media platforms; in fact, it’s built into their business models, and misinformation influencers abound. But that’s not the only vector. Molly speaks with Kevin Roose, who covers social media for The New York Times.

Science Friday
Science Friday
Science Friday and WNYC Studios
Texas Storm, NASA Climate Advisor, Mars Sounds. Feb 26, 2021, Part 1
Does A Vaccine Help You If You’ve Already Had COVID-19? Vaccines doses have started to rollout and are getting into the arms of people. We know that if you already had COVID-19, you build up antibodies against the virus. So do the vaccines affect you if you’ve already had COVID-19? Science writer Roxanne Khamsi talks about recent studies showing that a single dose of vaccine could boost immunity for former COVID-19 patients. She also discusses a study that found over 140,000 viral species in the human gut and Elizabeth Ann, the first cloned black-footed ferret. The Aftermath Of Texas’ Winter Storm While power has been mostly restored, journalists report Texans are now facing water shortages, housing damage, and crop losses. Texas grocery store shelves have begun filling out again. But for the state’s agriculture industry, recovering from the winter storm will take time, and consumers are likely to feel it in their pockets. The historic freeze and power outages brought agriculture across the state to a halt. Dairy farmers were forced to dump gallons of unpasteurized milk for days as processing plants were left without power. Packing houses also shut down with machinery cut off from electricity and employees unable to make their shifts, said Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller. Meanwhile, the products on the market were quickly bought up by panicked Texans just before and after the storm. By Monday, Miller said he had seen the price of hamburgers go up to $8.50 a pound, and he expects prices to remain elevated as the food supply chain stabilizes. “It’s not going to be back to normal for at least six to eight weeks,” Miller said. “You’ll still see shortages of some stuff, and even though the shelves may be full, the prices will be high.” Read and listen to the full story in the State of Science series. Keeping An Eye On The Climate, From Space The climate is changing, and so is the U.S. government’s approach to it. The Biden White House has made the climate crisis a high priority, and has created several new positions focused on climate science. One of those new climate posts can be found at the space agency NASA. While rockets and Mars rovers may seem far removed from climate issues, NASA is actually the lead federal agency in climate observations, with a fleet of satellites tracking everything from sea temperature to CO2 levels to chlorophyll. Ira talks with Gavin Schmidt, who has recently been named in an acting role to be the senior climate advisor for NASA. He’s also director of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies in New York. They discuss upcoming climate-focused NASA programs, last week’s cold weather in Texas, and the challenge of making better decisions in an uncertain climate future.
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innermap Lights On with Mitra Manesh
innermap Lights On with Mitra Manesh
Mitra Manesh, Lights On, Innermap
Self-Compassion, Structure, and Empty Nest syndrome
UPDATES FOR 2021! 1) We made our app ( _innermap )_ $0.99 cents a month for INNERMAP PLUS, and you are the beneficiary of this heart-based decision! 2) New Pre-recorded workshops are up on our website: Imagination, Saying Yes to "NO": Setting Mindful Boundaries : Imagination, Creativity, and Mindfulness : Change Your Question, Change Your Life : Resilience at home and at work. New workshops are added every month! Live Workshops Pre-Recorded Workshops 3) Rating & Reviewing our app & podcast helps us tremendously to grow and expand our reach without going the traditional route of spending a lot on Paid Marketing. This helps us keep our app price down, and allows us to continue producing free content and making mindful living more accessible than ever. __________________________________________________ innermap’s Lights On with Mitra Manesh was born to shed light on the challenges and magic we call life. Innermap is a mindfulness platform with a newly launched app (IOS) that uses transformational stories, meditations, and binaural sounds to stir up change, growth, and stillness. Mitra is a mindfulness expert, storyteller, coach, executive trainer and UCLA teacher at the Semel Institute School of Neuroscience and Human Behavior with 35+ years of experience. Who is Mitra Manesh? These sessions are taken live from Mitra’s keynote talks, classes, some studio recordings, as well as monthly guests, and a new format of Focused 1:1 Coaching. They are real questions, real answers, and real challenges people are facing. We hope you find value in the coaching and teachings offered. From today forward let’s move in the direction of lights on, facing what’s in front of us and more importantly inside of us. To contact innermap team with comments, questions, or suggestions, please email If this podcast works for you we ask that you please rate/review/share it. If you have a mindful story to share we would love to feature yours in our app. Please visit for more details. Music By: Pablo Guadalupe Ariel Zutel
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