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Movie Dumpster
Aug 17, 2020
3.19 Robot Jox
Play • 2 hr 38 min

The GARB-BQ sizzles on with some frosty post-nuclear goodness! Following a nuclear apocalypse, the surviving American Market and Russian Confederation are constantly competing for resources and territory. After banning war, the next logical step for settling disputes was OBVIOUSLY through one-on-one giant mech fights! We follow the Jox, the people piloting these massive machines in mortal combat. There’s our hero Achilles, ace pilot and nine time winner, his mentor Tex, a drunk Texan with a secret (he’s not a spy though), Athena, the test tubie at the top of her class, and the Confederate pilot Alexander, a complete psychopath and Achilles’ rival. Who will walk away with the victory for their faction? Why do all the tubies have a Jedi padawan haircut? Are we all just living in the CharNatrix? Plus, we decide if any American-made mech could possibly stand up to the power of a Gundam! Heat up that singular hotdog for your whole family, pour one out for Dak Ralter, and grab a seat with the bleacher bums because we’re about to crash and burn with Robot Jox!

Theme by Protector 101. Listen at Bandcamp.

Logo Artwork by Davey “The Scaredy Cat” De Forne.

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