A Simple Strategy for Rental Properties
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Today we’re talking about our simple strategy for owning and managing rental properties. We have a course called Rental Properties for Passive Investors and we got some feedback that we think it’s important to address.

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Rental Properties For Passive Investors Course

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Financial Independence Podcast
Financial Independence Podcast
The Mad Fientist
8 Key Lessons from the Ultralearning Experiment
Last year, I conducted an experiment in Ultralearning that I hoped would help me achieve a lifelong dream of mine of writing and releasing an album. I’m happy to say it was far more successful than I ever imagined it would be! As I mentioned in the initial Ultralearning podcast episode, the hope for the 3-month experiment was that it would accelerate my progress towards my goal and make the process more enjoyable. Well, it did all that and more… I ended up finishing a song during that 3-month experiment and I can’t believe it but I just released that single today! Not only did I write a song during the experiment, I continued writing music since then and I now have enough material for an album! Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought this experiment would help me make so much progress but it has! In today’s podcast episode, I go through everything I learned and explain why the Ultralearning Experiment helped me push past the self-doubt and self-destructive habits that have plagued me in the past. I also describe the new routines the experiment helped me develop and why those new habits have allowed me accomplish more than I ever have before! Highlights * How to get your brain ready (and why it’s essential for making progress) * The best way to make developing new habits easier * What you should focus on and why * How to be original and creative * Why you should make your project “real” (even if it makes you feel silly) * When it’s worth spending more money instead of less * Why you should expect to encounter the “gap” and how to get over it
39 min
Mo' Money Podcast
Mo' Money Podcast
Jessica Moorhouse
254 Investing for Your Future After Becoming Debt-Free - Jully-Alma Taveras, Founder of Investing Latina
We’ve all seen the stats…if you started investing in your teens you’d end up significantly wealthier than if you wait until your 20s or 30s. But most of us have no idea where to start or even have the confidence to invest our first dollar before we’re fully ready. Well, as my next guest Jully-Alma Taveras (a.k.a. Investing Latina) shares in this episode, you’ll never be fully ready. And that’s ok! She started investing at 19 and now in her 20s, she’s much further ahead on her financial journey because of it. And now, she creates financial literacy content on your Instagram and YouTube channel, in addition to being a contributing editor at Next Advisor and public speaker, to empower and educate other young women to start investing as soon as possible. Because the thing is, you’ll never be completely ready to start investing and you may make mistakes. But that shouldn’t scare you off from getting started because you can change your investment strategy as you become a more confident and knowledgeable investor. Just take my journey. I started with index funds (but had no idea what those were), then switched to mutual funds, then moved everything to ETFs, and now I do a mixture of ETFs and individual stocks. It’s taken me years to discover the best way to invest for my goals, but I’m so glad I didn’t wait until I was “ready”. For full episode show notes visit https://jessicamoorhouse.com/254
54 min
Millennial Money
Millennial Money
Shannah Compton Game
How to Survive the Holidays Debt-Free | Majd Maksad
The holidays are a time of celebrations, comfy clothes, lots of good eating and cold winter nights. But for many of us, it’s also a time of financial stress and a visit from your good ole’ friend debt. In this reboot episode, Majd Maksad, from Status Money, is dishing some great tips to breeze into the holidays without debt so you can hit the new year ready to take on your goals. Questions I Ask * So just how do we breeze through the holidays without going into debt? * What do you think causes the biggest stress around the holidays and budgeting? * Do you see any trends emerging when it comes to holiday spending – what we are all blowing our budgets on? * Does it matter your income? * Debt is a real pain point for some many listeners – and sometimes it feels like there’s no way out from the vicious circle of paying off debt but not making any progress. How can you take action today to relieve some of that pain around our debt? * I know status money has come a long way since we last spoke. What’s the latest? * If you had one solid takeaway or action item from our conversation, what would you want everyone to remember? What You'll Learn * How to hack your mind during the holidays so you stay in budget * Why knowing how much your peer group is spending is beneficial to your financial success * Why lower income groups are making the most impactful behavioral changes when it comes to spending * How to break the money taboos and get rid of debt * How you can win financially and finally stay in budget during the holidays Links * Status Money * Previous podcast episode with Majd Episode Sponsors A big thanks to all our episode sponsors that make it possible to bring this show to you. This episode is sponsored by Firstleaf. Join today and you’ll get 6 bottles of wine for $29.95 and free shipping at tryfirstleaf.com/mymoney. This episode is sponsored by Manscaped. Get 20% off + free shipping with the code MYMONEY at Manscaped.com. Thanks to Fundrise for sponsoring this episode. Start building your better portfolio today! Get started at Fundrise.com/mymoney to have your first NINETY days of advisory fees waived. Thanks to Splitit for sponsoring this episode. Split your payments and live big. Go to Splitit.com today. SUBSCRIBE & SHARE Want to be the first to know when new episodes are released? Click here to subscribe in iTunes! IT’S FREE! 👉 Sign up for my weekly LET’S TALK MONEY email newsletter. ASK SHANNAH Have an Ask Shannah question, submit it here GET SOCIAL ·     Shannah on Twitter ·     Shannah on Instagram
34 min
BiggerPockets Money Podcast
BiggerPockets Money Podcast
152: Reaching Financial Independence Despite a Very Late Start with Baby Boomer Super Saver
To say that Kathy from Baby Boomer Super Saver had a difficult journey ahead of her is an understatement. She was $70,000 in credit card debt, with a big mortgage, and a spouse that had a medical emergency. So how did she make her way to the millionaire retirement level? Through financial management communities like the FIRE movement, she was able to correct her spending faults, earn more, and invest most of her income into retirement accounts. Kathy put in the work to change her mindset about money as a whole, and reach for abundance instead of just survival. Now, Kathy teaches others how they can reach their retirement goals (even if they’re behind where they want to be) on her Baby Boomer Super Saver blog. Whether you’re just starting your career, or are a few years away from retirement, Kathy has some incredible tips on money management, maxing out retirement contributions, and being intentional with your money and your journey. In This Episode We Cover * How to reach your retirement goals even if you start later in life * Snowballing your debt so you can save more * Changing your financial mindset to get where you need to be * The 2 key ways to get your retirement savings up * How catchup contribution accounts like the 457b plan can accelerate your investing * Being intentional with your money while lining up your saving/investing with your values * The importance of educating yourself and not relying entirely on others for financial advice * And SO much more! Links from the Show * BiggerPockets Money Facebook Group * BiggerPockets Forums * Dave Ramsey * BiggerPockets Money Podcast 18 with Mad Fientist
1 hr 6 min
Build Wealth Canada Podcast
Build Wealth Canada Podcast
Kornel Szrejber: Investor
Your Questions Answered + Real Estate Update For Canadians
Today we’re going to try something a little different in that I’m going to split today’s episode into two sections, covering two different subjects: First, we’re going to cover some questions that I’ve received from listeners of the show and from students of my investing course, so that you can benefit from the strategies and tactics too. These are specifically going to be in the area of investing. Next, we’re going to bring on my guest who is our resident mortgage and real estate expert and best-selling author, Sean Cooper. Sean will explain the real estate situation here in Canada so that you can stay informed on how real estate has been affected in these COVID times, whether you’re an existing home-owner that is concerned about the value of their home dropping due to COVID, or whether you are a renter looking to potentially buy in the future. We cover questions like What should you know? And how can you maximize your chances of getting approved for a mortgage? And whether you’re an existing or future home-owner, there have actually been some mortgage rule changes that recently took place here in Canada so you definitely want to be informed about those so that you can easily renew that mortgage when it’s time. Or, if you’re looking to buy, so that you can have a smooth stress-free process in obtaining financing for your property, instead of struggling and potentially missing out on your dream home due to financing issues, due to these new mortgage rules that recently got put into place. A Big Thanks To This Episode's Sponsor: RBC's Small Business Navigator Hub: For practical resources, advice, and offers, visit RBC's Small Business Navigator hub at buildwealthcanada.ca/hub. Business is anything but usual these days, and entrepreneurs are looking for support that goes beyond traditional banking to successfully re-open and manage their business. Now, they can access all of RBC’s practical tips, insights, money-saving offers and solutions to support their eCommerce, digital payments, payroll management, employee wellness needs and more – all in one place. To learn more, check out the RBC Small Business Navigator hub, available online at BuildWealthCanada.ca/hub. Resources: * Get your mortgage questions answered for free by booking a meeting with Sean here. * Get the real estate expense tool for free when it's released by signing up to the waiting list here. Topics/Questions Covered: Investing Topics: * Buying near all-time stock market highs. Should you do it? * Investing larger amounts of money: Buying-in all at once vs dollar-cost-averaging in. * How much to focus on dividends in your investing. * Socially responsible investing, and what to keep in mind before diving in. Real Estate and Mortgage Questions: * Let’s talk about COVID and the real estate market. Are we seeing increases in home values? * How are things if you're looking to buy vs sell? * Is it a buyer's or seller's market? * There have been some Mortgage Rule Changes recently here in Canada. Can you take us through them? * What can we do that is within our control, to maximize the chances of getting approved for a mortgage, and getting the best terms and rate? * With these record low interest rates that we’ve been seeing, many Canadians that are currently in a fixed-rate mortgage are wondering, is it worth breaking their existing mortgage, paying the cancelling fees, and then getting a new mortgage at the lower rate. Can you talk about the analysis that we should be doing to actually mathematically figure this out? * What should we consider if we’re shopping around for a home right now, in Canada? Don’t miss future episodes, giveaways, and free in-depth guides by signing up for free to the Build Wealth Canada Newsletter.
1 hr 18 min
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