Your Daily Prayer
Your Daily Prayer
Nov 28, 2020
A Prayer for When Getting What You Wanted Wasn't Enough
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God Hears Her Podcast
God Hears Her Podcast
Our Daily Bread Ministries
EP. 27: Taste And See (with Margaret Feinberg)
Show Summary: God could have designed humans to eat rocks, but instead He created food and gave men and women thousands of taste buds to enjoy it. On this episode of “God Hears Her,” Margaret Feinberg joins the show to talk food, which is really a discussion into the deepest longings of a woman’s heart, and God’s invitation to taste and see that He is good. About Our Guest: Margaret Feinberg is a podcaster on The Joycast, a speaker, and an author of several books that have sold over a million copies. She was recently named one of Christianity Today’s top 50 women shaping culture and the church. She lives in Utah with her husband, Leif, and their super-pup Hershey. Her recent book is Taste and See: Discovering God Among Butchers, Bakers and Fresh Food Markets. Notes and Quotes: * "Food is God’s love made edible." * "God creates the garden with a plethora of food and then gives us thousands of taste buds to enjoy it." * "What we really ache for is to know and be known, to love and be loved, and to enter a place where we can be vulnerable and any sense of shame scurries away." * "Communities are little mirrors that reflect ourselves back to us." * "There are times when I need, through prayer and Scripture, to hear God’s love for me. And there are other times, for that to really take root, I need to hear it through other humans who are reflecting His glory and His presence." * "Social media is a dangerous game because it begins to feel like 'life.' But when words come from a person, in person, they are more meaningful and life-changing." * "If you want to have community, you have to build it, often out of nothing." * "If we want to be seen, we may have to open our eyes and see first. If we want to be heard, we have to become people who are really great listeners." * "The deepest hungers of your heart are uniquely designed to be met first and foremost by God. Jesus really is the One who can speak the syllables you most need to hear." * "Reach out to meet others’ needs; and as you love them and bring joy to them, you’ll find some of your needs met too." * "Choose good people: life-giving, Jesus-loving, makes-you-laugh-until-tears-run-down- your-cheeks-and-other-places kind of people." Links: * Show Notes on * God Hears Her website * Share the love by giving this episode a 5-star rating! * Get your copy of Margaret Feinberg’s book Taste and See on Amazon * Free e-booklet: Open Hearts, Open Homes * Our Daily Bread website * Elisa’s Instagram: elisamorganauthor * Eryn’s Instagram: eryneddy Verses: Hebrews 13:21 NIV “We are called, equipped, and chosen.” Jeremiah 29:11 NIV “Plan and a future” Ephesians 2:10 NIV “Appointed good works for me to do” Romans 8:38 NIV “I am loved by God.” 2 Corinthians 10 NIV “Take every thought captive.”
32 min
Jesus Calling: Stories of Faith
Jesus Calling: Stories of Faith
Sarah Young
Winning Isn’t Everything—Jesus Is: Tony Dungy and Sam Acho
We live in a world where achievement is largely used as a motivator, and much of our time is spent consumed, looking for the next win—whether it be personally or professionally. It would benefit each of us to remember that in the long term, the ultimate win for us is establishing a relationship with Christ. Tony Dungy, the first African-American head coach to win an NFL Super Bowl, learned from mentors early on in his career that football wasn’t all that mattered—what mattered was the kind of man he was and the kind of men he shaped. A trailblazer, Dungy found a way to coach that aligned with his Christian values, showing the world that you can hold strong to your beliefs and find value in who Christ says you are, rather than who the world wants you to be. NFL linebacker and author Sam Acho grew up in a faith-based home, forming a relationship with God early on. But as he got more integrated in his career, Sam began to separate from his foundational values, and he suffered an identity crisis—he looked happy on the outside, but he didn’t feel it on the inside. It wasn’t until he went through a reckoning of sorts that Sam realized God believed he was worth getting to know, and when he started placing value on what really matters, things started to turn around. Links, Products, and Resources Mentioned: Jesus Calling Jesus Calling Podcast Winter 2021 Jesus Calling Magazine Jesus Calling for First Responders editions Past interviews: Lolo Jones and Evander Holyfield Upcoming interview: Tana Amen Coach Tony Dungy All Pro Dad National Football League NBC’s Football Night in America Sunday Night Football Matthew 16:26 University of Minnesota Steelers Chuck Noll Tampa Bay Buccaneers Spelman College Super Bowl LII Sam Acho Let the World See You Dallas Theological Seminary Living Hope Bible Fellowship Church Reggie Bush Matt Leinart Pete Carroll Rivals Brian Orakpo Chris Ogbonnaya Emmanuel Acho Hebrews 11:1 Interview Quotes: “Welcome to the National Football League. You're now getting paid to play football, so that makes it your profession. But please, please don't make football your whole life.” - Chuck Noll, to Tony Dungy “I made a decision I was going to be different. And not everybody was ready for that.” - Tony Dungy “You can honor the Lord and you can be openly expressive about your faith and still be excellent.” - Tony Dungy “God takes you through things and you grow from them and then you look back and say, ‘Oh, that wasn't that big a deal.’ But at the time, it was monumental. God is giving you little trials to get you through, but you're going to keep your focus on Him.” - Tony Dungy “Christ is so much a part of my life that if I can just help steer someone else, anyone towards Jesus, it's very important. Truth always wins. And we can't be afraid of sharing the truth.” - Tony Dungy “We were created for relationship, we were created to love.” - Sam Acho “You are worth getting to know. Your pains, your joys, your fears, your hurts, all of you. You're worth getting to know. Why? Because you're already fully seen, fully known and fully loved by Jesus.” - Sam Acho ________________________ Enjoy watching these additional videos from Jesus Calling YouTube channel: Audio Playlist: Video Playlist: What’s Good? Playlist: ________________________ Connect with Jesus Calling Instagram Facebook Twitter Pinterest YouTube Jesus Calling Website
37 min
Teach Us to Pray
Teach Us to Pray
Christina Patterson
Episode 12: Prayers That Will Drastically Change Your Life
We've been on such a fruitful journey on this podcast. We've learned that prayer is the way we communicate with the Maker of the Universe, and He not only hears us, but He also responds. We've learned that through prayer, we access healing, wisdom, discernment, peace, protection, joy, and so much power we could never experience on our own. On our last podcast in this series, we share specific prayers that can drastically change your life. We also close out this series by praying together over these areas so that you can start experiencing the benefit of prayer today. Key Takeaways: • If changing our thoughts from negative to positive can turn our day from good to bad, they also have to power to direct the course of our lives. • Our Heavenly Father is ready and willing to guide and direct our steps and provide us with His wisdom and discernment to make the right decisions. • Even when we are weary and weak, the Lord is willing and ready to grant us His strength to surrender to the things we think I can't do or be. Resources Mentions in This Podcast Download Christina's Free 5 Day Prayer Guide at to help you put into practice the powerful habit of prayer. Connect with Christina Paterson Website: YouTube: Instagram: Facebook: Scriptures in the Podcast are from NIV, ESV or NKJV Episode Image Credit: Getty/mhatzapa
10 min
Today Daily Devotional
Today Daily Devotional
ReFrame Ministries
More Than Just a Crumb
Scripture Reading: Mark 8:1-10 “The people ate and were satisfied.” Mark 8:8 In today’s story, Jesus has compassion for a huge crowd of people again—and this time it’s simply because they are hungry! When the disciples raise the question of available resources, Jesus begins with a resource inventory. Seven loaves and a few small fish are way too few for feeding so many people. But what the disciples are not counting, of course, is the compassion of Jesus. What’s more, he only asks us to give what we have, and he will provide all that is needed. I often find that there’s a big gap between my available resources and the needs I hear about. Is that the case for you too? In effect, the disciples have asked a particularly critical question: How can the needs of the world be met? They see the gap and do not yet see that the answer is standing right in front of them. This is a lesson I am forever learning. I tally up what I have, and it is not enough for all the needs around me. I do not have enough time, patience, hospitality, skills, wisdom, energy, finances—you name it. But Jesus doesn’t ask me if I have enough; he asks what I have—and in his hands he will make it enough. What about you? I hope you know that Jesus will take and use what you have to extend holy compassion to others. Dear Jesus, I can feel as if I never have enough for what you need. Help me to concentrate on you and your power instead of the gap I cannot fill. Guide me to give you what I have. Amen.
2 min
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