Ep 79 | Ether 6-11, Come Follow Me (Nov 16-22)
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00:42 – When the Brother of Jared sees the Lord’s finger it invites divine curiosity.

06:06 – The ocean is a symbol for chaos, the world, and the veil.

08:03 – The 2-1 Principle as seen in the Garden of Eden, Moses’ crossing out of Egypt into Canaan, and the Jaredite vessels.

11:31 – The number 8 can be associated with rebirth, renewal, and starting over.

12:16 – Serpents as a symbol of captivity and Divine Providence, ushering the Jaredites south into a place where they will repent.

24:25 – The Jaredites hit the pinnacle of righteousness.

30:33 – The Book of Ether is almost like the whole Book of Mormon in miniature.

34:58 – Secret combinations destroy the Jaredites. Substance abuse and addiction are modern secret combinations.

49:40 – The contraries or opposites of secret combinations and prophets.

For the show notes, go to Ether 6-11 Quotes and Notes.

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