Ep 73 | Bonus Episode – Plain & Precious Things with Dave Butler
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01:05 – Dave Butler’s background.

06:11 – During the time of the Old Testament there were many religious points of view.

12:21 – The Rod, the scepter of the king.

15:55 – Lehi’s polemic against the priesthood of his day.

17:04 – The Book of Mormon is religious literature of the visionaries edited out of the Hebrew Bible.

19:40 – What must Nephi have thought in the context of the religious reforms of his time?

20:22 – Brigham Young’s quote about the endowment.

23:16 – Matthew describes mysteries.

28:36 – The term mysteries appears 20 times in the Book of Mormon, starting with 1 Nephi 1:1.

32:10 – The rock in the Holy of Holies, the Foundation Stone.

34:22 – Paired visions are a pattern of apocalyptic visions.

35:40 – The Book of Mormon is written to be read by people who know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven.

37:23 – Faith, hope, and charity correlate with the 3 part ascent.

39:18 – The Sermon on the Mount as an ordinance.

47:20 – Nine blessed statements and seven blessing statements.

50:51 – The Book of Mormon is the book of happiness.

52:45 – Alma 30 demonstrates how Korihor is trodden under foot, experiencing the threatened covenant penalty.

54:02 – The shining ones.

56:01 – Sequence of priests Moses, Elijah, and Jesus.

59:41 – Satan is the accuser, the antidikos ἀντίδικος.

1:04:23 – The invitation to be perfect, to have received all the ordinances.

1:07:13 – The Shalems, or the peaceable followers of Christ.

1:15:32 – The daily bread of Matthew 6.11 has layers to its meaning.

1:21:39 – Actions: Eating, drinking and clothing in a liturgical context.

1:23:35 – Melchezidek, the Shalem King.

1:29:27 – The endowment is a gift.

1:33:49 – Thorns and thistles, passing back through the wall into God’s presence.

1:40:48 – Seven blessings and seven branches to the menorah.

1:43:56 – A short list for a long story.

1:48:21 – 2 Nephi 9.

1:54:11 – Negative beatitudes.

For access to Ziony Zevit’s book The Religions of Ancient Israel: A Synthesis of Parallactic Approaches, go here. Paul D. Hanson’s book The Dawn of Apocalyptic: The Historical and Sociological Roots of Jewish Apocalyptic Eschatology can be purchased here. For links to see Dave Butler’s two books on the Book of Mormon, go here and here. To read more about the translation of Matthew 6.11 and another reading of “Give us this day our daily bread,” go here. To see a great representation of how the tabernacle in Exodus was a physical reversal of the Fall of Adam and Eve, go here. For a brief overview of Margaret Barker’s book The Mother of the Lord Volume 1: The Lady in the Temple and how it teaches more about the ascent into God’s presence and the Tree in the Holy of Holies, go here. For access to a free PDF of John Welch’s book Illuminating the Sermon at the Temple & the
Sermon on the Mount
, go here. It can also be purchased here.

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