Ep 62 | Alma 36-38, Come Follow Me (July 20-26)
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00:26 – Alma’s letters to his sons remind us to parent one by one, bear testimony, lead by example, find Jesus in scripture, and sincerely praise.

06:24 – Be more wise than we have been.

13:36 – Shiblon is steady and good. Seek to be a high yield, low maintenance member of the church.

19:44 – Alma recounts his torment and horror of facing God in his many sins, then the role of the atonement which brought him joy and marvelous light.

27:38 – Elder Holland teaches about justification.

31:02 – Alma 36 is a beautifully constructed chiastic structure.

33:54 – A triangle in our heart that spins when we sin.

41:21 – It seems so simple that the easiness of the way can make us negligent. Because it is easy to do, it is easy to not do.

42:32 – Don’t give up if you don’t see immediate changes. Dip 7 times in the river like Naaman.

44:38 – Alma 37 as a temple ascension text.

54:38 – Possible meanings of Gazelem.

58:34 – Bridle our passions.

1:02:04 – Alma’s knowledge of truth did not come from the angel, but from the Spirit.

For the quotes used in this podcast, see Alma 36-38 Great Quotes. For Book of Mormon Central’s excellent video of John Welch explaining his personal discovery of chiasmus in the text of the Book of Mormon, go here. John’s son Greg Welch also has an excellent presentation on Book of Mormon Central here. For a brief explanation of chiasmus, go here. For a visual demonstration (PDF) of the chiastic structure of Alma 36, go here. For more on the possible meanings and constructions of the word gazelem, see The Book of Mormon Onomasticon. For more information on Alma 37 as a text that is written in code, teaching us about ascension, the temple, and our discipleship, with links and notes to further your study, see Alma 37 as Temple Text.

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