Ep 59 | Alma 23-29, Come Follow Me (June 29-July 5)
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00:26 – Overview.

08:00 – The Anti-Nephi-Lehies lay down their weapons of rebellion.

12:22 – The pattern of seven in the king’s speech.

19:31 – Swords and stains.

21:37 – Left-behinds. How to deal with those who get angry at converts.

26:09 – Make room for converts. Defend, protect, and consider them your friends.

30:37 – Avoid putting people in categories.

33:28 – The challenges and joys of missionary work.

41:15 – Timeline of the Ammulonites.

49:19 – Pride is ugly. It says, “if you succeed, I am a failure”. The antidote to Saul disease.

1:01:31 – Patricia Holland’s quotation about comparison.

To access the Book of Mormon Onomasticon page and its analysis of “Anti-Nephi-Lehi,” go here. To read a PDF version of Corbin Volluz’s paper “A Study in Sevens Hebrew Numerology in the Book of Mormon,” go here. It is also accessible on BYU Studies website here. For more on the pattern of seven in the king’s speech in Alma 24 as well as how Mormon used this number elsewhere in the text, see “Swords and Stains in King Anti-Nephi-Lehi’s Covenant Text in Alma 24.” You can see the chronological chart of the Amulonites and how Abinadi’s prophecy was fullfilled here. Read President Ezra Taft Benson’s talk on pride here. Both the quote from The Chronicles of Narnia and Patricia Holland’s teaching about comparison can be found here.

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