Ep 56 | Alma 8-12, Come Follow Me (June 8-14)
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01:39 – The power of increasing witnesses. The closer you are to someone, the more credible your testimony is. An invitation to share what you know.

03:07 – Amulek is a greater witness to the people of Ammonihah because he is one of them.

06:42 – Zeezrom steps forward to try to trick Alma and Amulek.

19:00 – The earth will be the final witness.

22:53 – The destruction of Ammoniah is described from two different viewpoints. An example of the complexity of the narrative.

26:59 – The order of the Nehors is a warning to watch for truths with a twist in our day.

29:29 – Insight into Zeezrom’s questions about social segregation, denying the atonement of Christ, and costly apparel.

35:55 – Examining resurrection ideas in both the Old Testament and the Book of Mormon.

41:40 – The righteous can hold off destruction.

47:40 – Metonymy in Zeezrom’s name, the punning of names in scripture is really cool.

50:31 – Zeezrom ends up being a missionary with Alma to the Zoramites.

For more information regarding the specific teachings of The Order of the Nehors, go here. August Landmesser refused to give the Nazi salute and was photographed (see photo here) at the Blohm and Voss shipyard in Hamburg, Germany in June 1936 with his arms folded in defiance of Nazi power. Here you can read Gordon Thomasson’s paper on metonymic naming. For more information about our discussion regarding scholarship and the resurrection beliefs of the Jews before Christ, read “Resurrection in the Book of Mormon.”

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