Ep 48 | Mosiah 1-3, Come Follow Me (April 13-19)
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00:37 – The main point of King Benjamin’s address is to remember the greatness of God and give thanks to Him. Doing this helps avoid pride, sin, and pain.

04:55 – The setting of King Benjamin’s address was most likely the Fall Festival (Sukkot), a practice from the Law of Moses.

12:49 – Humble King Benjamin.

19:55 – Elder Renlund’s heart transplant story.

20:51 – A series of significant parallels in Mosiah 2.17-19.

22:42 – The pride cycle. 

25:05 – Unprofitable servants.

26:39 – The parable of the cat by James E. Talmage.

30:26 – Jesus suffered so much and yet He had the power to stop it.

35:10 – So many people in the world have never heard of Jesus, but He has heard of them.

37:51 – The natural man.

39:54 – You control darkness by adding light. Put off the natural man by getting the greatness of God into you.

42:35 – What comes natural is not always good or desirable. Powerful quotes from Ty Mansfield, M. Scott Peck, John Taylor, N.T. Wright, and C.S. Lewis.

King Benjamin’s address to his people may have been set in the time of the Fall Festival. For more information on this event, go here.

Go here to see Mosiah 3.19 in chiastic form. You can see or download a copy of the Nephite Pride Cycle here. You can avoid the bottom half of the Pride Cycle by remembering the greatness of God, an essential component of King Benjamin’s message. For the story about the grateful cat and how it applies to the grace of God, go here. To hear the story of the miracle of the heart transplant told by Elder Renlund his April 2020 conference message, go here. For the Ty Mansfield quote, go here. For the C.S. Lewis quote at the end of the podcast, go here.

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