Ep 69 | 3 Nephi 1-7, Come Follow Me (Sept 7-13)
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01:10 – Jesus came just in time to save the righteous from death.

12:20 – The sacred relics are no longer in the stewardship of the chief judge and are taken away into the priestly line, perhaps indicating the beginning of societal breakdown.

20:23 – Trust that Jesus will fulfill every whit of every promise He has given.

21:11 – Once you have light, beware of the temptation to doubt it.

24:59 – Some of the Nephites start to defect and massive wickedness starts growing just 4 years after the sign.

26:00 – Commentary on 3 Nephi 2.15-16. The marking of cultural separation was removed when they began to have faith in Jesus.

28:01 – Utter destruction of a people can happen by taking away their religious values, identity, and culture.

28:59 – The letter to Lachoneus illustrates some tactics of the adversary to get us to walk away from our covenants: Flattery, sowing seeds of doubt, threats, boasts of strength, guilt, fake sincerity, acceptance into a group.

36:31 – The ways Lachoneus and his people defend themselves is a type for our day: They don’t take council from their fears, cry unto the Lord, gather together, build fortifications, set guards round about, repent, follow their leaders, protect the family, and are strong with armor of God.

44:18 – Avoid being the aggressor in war and initiating the conflict.

46:20 – In 3 Nephi 4.7 the Gadianton robbers were girded about with a lambskin dyed in blood. They were taunting their enemies or perhaps even mocking the Nephites.

48:01 – What is the Greek name Lachoneus doing in the Book of Mormon? Eric Cline, professor of Classics and ANE studies demonstrates cultural mixing from Greece to Palestine in 1177 B.C.

52:25 – With just 5 years left before Jesus comes again, there are few righteous among them. We should be careful to not lose blessings in the final moments.

1:02:08 – There is no inequality in God’s kingdom.

1:07:03 – Mormon describes what it is like to be a scribe and also a prophet. He promises that God will restore and gather his people.

For the show notes go to 3 Nephi 1-7 Quotes and Notes. For some of the things we shared in relation to the name Lachoneus, and the interconnections in the ancient world prior to Lehi, go here.

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