Ep 66 | Helaman 1-6, Come Follow Me (Aug 17-23)
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00:26 – Overview of Helaman’s 3 part structure.

01:55 – The Book of Mormon is a pattern for our day.

04:06 – Helaman’s conflict “in the very center” parallels our day.

17:05 – The Lamanites have become more righteous than the Nephites. The preaching of the word is more powerful than weapons.

18:35 – Nephi and Lehi preach with power and convert 8,000 of the occupying forces as well as the dissenters.

20:40 – The prophet’s face is seen in the middle of the darkness. What must we do to have the darkness removed?

26:19 – In the midst of war the gospel is the answer. Successful families are built on principles.

27:38 – Aminidab’s name may have Hebrew roots.

30:31 – Nephi and Lehi in prison witnessing of Christ parallel the two witnesses in Revelation 11.

34:32 – Possible meanings of Gadianton and Kishkumen are put forth. Mormon, as a maker of sacred texts, is a pun-master.

37:40 – The Heartland Model and the Mesoamerican Model. Helaman 4.7 talks about “a day’s journey for a Nephite.” What is going on in this text and how does it relate to geographical models of text? What does geography have to do with the spiritual message of the Book of Mormon? Joseph Allen illustrates how the geography of the Book of Mormon teaches the message of repentance and the redemption of Christ.

50:29 – The Nephites begin to get ripe for destruction.

To read Joseph Allen’s demonstration of the spiritual message regarding the “narrow pass” and how it relates to the Plan of Salvation, see: Geography and the Plan of Salvation. For a brief overview of the geographical model of the Book of Mormon, with statements regarding the official neutrality on the various models, go here. For a more in depth look at The Heartland Model and the Mesoamerican Model of Book of Mormon proposed geographical locations, go here. For more on the sacred nature of puns in scripture, go here.

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