Ep 64 | Alma 43-52, Come Follow Me (Aug 3-9)
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01:01 – Brief overview of all 20 of the war chapters.

15:52 – When is conflict justified? If you want the Lord’s help you need the right emotion or attitude, the right motive or reason, and to not be guilty of retaliation or the second offense. When the Lord is with you he will help you in your personal conflicts.

37:35 – Alma 44:4: God will support, keep, and preserve us, so long as we are faithful unto Him.

41:05 – In 1 Nephi 14 Nephi sees a massive spiritual war in the last days where the saints are outnumbered and contending with an innumerable host. The formula for winning the war is connection with God. He will give us strength, hope and courage.

46:47 – Amalickiah is a type of Lucifer. See how Amalickiah rises to power in Lamanite society.

56:28 – In what areas have you come down a little? What are you doing today that once you vowed you would never do?

1:01:29 – Moroni is a type of Christ, a man of truth with balanced principles. He loved liberty, yet did not delight in warfare.

1:02:00 – Like Moroni, we need to strengthen and fortify our weaknesses. Even strengths can be our downfall.

1:05:05 – What is the point of war, what are we defending? Preserving our families.

1:07:23 – Put on new armor. The battle with evil changes and we have to adapt.

1:12:14 – We can be happy in a world of uncertainty and turmoil.

1:13:31 – The Nephites are winning. They have all power over the Lamanites, but they lost peace because of contentions and disunity among themselves and with their inspired leaders.

1:15:27 – Alma 50.30-31 Morianton’s maid servant fled to the camp of Moroni.

1:19:52 – It is easier and better to prepare and prevent than to repair and repent.

1:20:10 – Unity, following God, and fighting a defensive war is how to win. Evil has to be defeated at the heart by chasing it out with light. Don’t become what you hate.

For the show notes for both episodes covering the war chapters (Episodes 64-65), go to Alma 53-63 The War Chapters – Quotes and Notes. You can read and listen to Elder Oaks’ message “Our Strengths Can Become Our Downfall” here.

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