Episode 12 - What if SCP's were/are real?
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Welcome to Hypothetical: A What if Podcast. We are formerly "The What If Podcast with jbats and mykhal". We have rebranded ourselves and gotten a new home to enable us to bring you fresh content more easily. Please enjoy our backlog as we work to produce new episodes. WARNING: THE FOUNDATION DATABASE IS CLASSIFIED ACCESS BY UNAUTHORIZED PERSONNEL IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED PERPETRATORS WILL BE TRACKED, LOCATED, AND DETAINED ANY NON-AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ACCESSING THIS FILE WILL BE IMMEDIATELY TERMINATED THROUGH BERRYMAN-LANGFORD MEMETIC KILL AGENT. SCROLLING DOWN WITHOUT PROPER MEMETIC INOCULATION WILL RESULT IN IMMEDIATE CARDIAC ARREST FOLLOWED BY DEATH. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. MEMETIC KILL AGENT ACTIVATED CONTINUED LIFE SIGNS CONFIRMED REMOVING SAFETY INTERLOCKS Welcome, authorized personnel. Please select your desired file. In this episode we explore the SCP Foundation, a secretive organization that secures and contains anomalous or extranatural people, places, items and entities away from the eyes of the general public. The SCP Foundation is a collective fantasy / science fiction writing project... But what if some of or all the information it classifies is real? Throw on your best lab coat and attain the correct security clearances as we delve into this foundation's modus operandi. We're also giving some friends of the show a shout-out.  Our buds over at the 'Make Me a Fan' podcast have shown us some podcasting love, so we're returning the favor!
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