Frank Honsowetz from Ed Pink on Nissan and Singer
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Frank joins the podcast to talk about his history at Nissan Motorsports, and becoming part of the legendary team at Ed Pink Racing Engines.   Support our show on Patreon! Its just $5 and super easy!


Speed Secrets Podcast
Speed Secrets Podcast
Ross Bentley: Performance & Race Driver Coach
182 - Jay St. Claire, Colin Pascik & Aaron Brooks - Ranger Road & Vets Racing
On this week’s episode of Speed Secrets Podcast, I talk with Jay St. Claire, Colin Pascik, and Aaron Brooks of Ranger Road Motors (a team that competes in LeMons races, giving Vets a chance to start racing). We discuss the start of Ranger Road Motors, what it’s like for an amputee Vet to jump behind the wheel of a race car for the first time, what it’s like to work with a Vet with PTSD, how to adapt a race to drivers missing a limb, and the number one biggest challenge that first-timers face. Ranger Road Motors’ mission is to bring Veterans together through extraordinary experiences and empower the transition to the next chapter in their life. The transition from military life to civilian life can be difficult. Trauma, stress and loss of camaraderie all contribute to a suicide rate well above average. The aim of Ranger Road is to transition veterans to civilian life through high adrenalin team-based events, reengaging their sense of camaraderie and showing them new battles to win and partners to fight alongside. From the road course to off-road. With specially equipped vehicles and a team of dedicated and experienced volunteers the motorsport division of Ranger Road is taking disabled veterans places they never thought possible. All equipment is provided. Veterans only need to bring their sense of adventure. Check out Ranger Road below!
57 min
The Carmudgeon Show
The Carmudgeon Show
Some Car Companies Are Just Bad Parents — The Carmudgeon Show — Ep. 42
Automotive alliances and buy-outs are commonplace. Sometimes they go well: BMW did a great job of bringing back Mini in the early 2000s. Sometimes they go poorly: BMW did a terrible job with Rover during the same period. But BMW isn’t the only marque that’s done this, in fact most of the big players do: Ford with Aston Martin, Jaguar, Land Rover, and Volvo, GM with Saab, Chrysler with Lamborghini, Fiat with Lancia, Alfa Romeo, and Ferrari, Volkswagen with Lamborghini, Ducati, Bugatti, Bentley, the list goes on. In this episode, Jason and Derek discuss which marques are good parents, you know, the ones with happy, well-adjusted profitable and self-confident companylets, and which ones neglected, mismanaged, and otherwise stunted their charges with often tragic or fatal results. The Carmudgeon Show is a comedic, information-filled conversation with Jason Cammisa and Derek Tam-Scott, two car enthusiasts who are curmudgeonly beyond their years. Proving you don’t have to be old to be grumpy, they spend each episode talking about what’s wrong with various parts of the automotive universe. Despite their best efforts to keep it negative, they usually wind up laughing, happy, and extolling their love for cars. Which just makes them angrier and more bitter. ISSIMI is an enthusiast-owned, full-service specialist offering sales, consignment, collection management, service, and consulting to discerning enthusiasts and collectors. Specializing in complex transactions that include international services for exceptional cars, ISSIMI’s San Francisco Bay Area and Europe-based teams of experts pride themselves on transparency and knowledge. Jason Cammisa is an automotive journalist, social-media figure, and TV host with over 250 million views on YouTube alone. Jason’s deeply technical understanding, made possible by a lifelong obsession with cars, allows him to fully digest what’s going on within an automobile — and then put it into simple terms for others to understand. Also, a Master’s Degree in Law trained him to be impossible to argue with. Derek Tam-Scott still tries. He’s a young automotive expert with old-man taste in cars, and a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering — which means he knows how to be civil to Jason. Or at least he tries. With a decade and a half’s experience buying, selling, driving and brokering classic and exotic cars, he’s experienced the world’s most iconic cars. And hated most of them.   Don't forget to visit:​ ISSIMI Instagram:​ ISSIMI Facebook:​ Podcast available on: ISSIMI Soundcloud: Support the show (
1 hr 4 min
Law Abiding Biker | Street Biker Motorcycle Podcast
Law Abiding Biker | Street Biker Motorcycle Podcast
Ryan Urlacher | Street Biker, Motorcycle Rider
LAB-262-The Ideal Motor Company in 2021 for a Younger Generation? Guest-Michael Rubinson-28 years old
Official Website: Harley-Davidson has been making a ton of changes to the overall company structure in 2020. I've released several highly viewed videos on our YouTube channel in reference to this subject and I'll list them below along with some related podcast episodes we've done. It seems the temporary CEO, Jochen Zeitz, is trying to realign the company and has even pulled out of some overseas markets. Per Zeitz, the company is going to focus most of its efforts on its current line up of bikes and on its current core customers, while still trying to attract a new generation of riders. SUPPORT US AND SHOP IN THE OFFICIAL LAW ABIDING BIKER STORE In this podcast episode, I brought on guest Michael Rubinson, who is a 28-year-old rider and currently rides a Yamaha cruiser. He would really like to buy a Harley but the Motor Company has put up many barriers to entry over the years when it comes to attracting that younger generation of rider. Michael and I discuss many of those barriers and what Harley should do in 2021 to not only serve its current core customers and riders but to try and break down the entry barriers to younger riders. CHECK OUT OUR HUNDREDS OF FREE HELPFUL VIDEOS ON OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL AND SUBSCRIBE! Listen in to this episode as we dive in deep on this subject matter. Michael has some great insight and suggestions for Harley. Related: Harley Changes in 2020 Videos and Podcasts: * Video-New Harley CEO Jochen Zeitz Making Emergency Changes! Sales Plummeting!! * Video-Harley-Davidson End Times! CEO Matthew Levatich Quits * Podcast-241-Harley-Davidson End Times! CEO Levatich Quits? * Podcast-252-Harley-Davidson’s Efforts to Draw a Younger Generation-Guest Michael Rubinson NEW FREE VIDEO RELEASED: * I Rode to Sturgis With These Motorcycle Shoes! Reax Fulton Sponsor-Ciro 3D * CLICK HERE! * Innovative products for Harley-Davidson & Goldwing * Affordable chrome, lighting, and comfort products * Ciro 3D has a passion for design and innovation Sponsor-RickRak * CLICK HERE * The Ultimate Motorcycle Luggage Rack Solution * Forget those messy straps and bungee cords * Go strapless with a RickRak quick attach luggage system & quality bag Sponsor-Butt Buffer * CLICK HERE * Want to ride longer? * Tired of a sore and achy ass? * Then fix it with a high-quality Butt Buffer seat cushion? New Patrons: * Boady of Princeton, TX * Chris Spann of Helena, Alabama * Hoss Segura * Dan Besserer of Litchfield Park, AZ * Richard Smith * Cameron Shier of Byron Center, Michigan * Chris Slaughter of Hammond, Louisiana * Neil Baird of Draper Utah * Mark Miller of Bella Vista, Arkansas If you appreciate the content we put out and want to make sure it keeps on coming your way then become a Patron too! There are benefits and there is no risk. Thanks to the following bikers for supporting us via a flat donation: * CARL SCHOLL SR * JOHN NORRIS * OTILO VIRAMONTES of Santa Clarita, CA ________________________________________________________ FURTHER INFORMATION: Official Website: _http://www.LawAbidingBiker.com_ Email & Voicemail: _ Podcast Hotline Phone: 509-731-3548 Facebook: _ Twitter: _
1 hr 40 min
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