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Okayest Moms
Sep 21, 2021
78. Building a Financial Legacy with Tiffany
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The Okayest Moms talk to Tiffany, a personal finance coach about the importance of mothers being financially savvy, and how to build a financial legacy for your family. Tiffany also shares her approach to household chores with her kids, and shares a few outdated financial tips.

about tiffany

Tiffany is a Personal Finance Coach, Wife, and Mother of Three based in Maryland. After growing up in a home where money management wasn’t taught, Tiffany made many money mistakes in early adulthood and eventually found that she and her husband were $91,000 in consumer debt. They successfully paid that debt off in 3 years. During her debt-free journey, Tiffany became immersed in the world of personal finances and became a certified coach to show other moms the mindset and proven methods to redefine their lives so they enjoy more of their money now while creating legacies for their children.

To get more information on Lotus Legacy and the programs Tiffany offers, click here. You can also follow Tiffany on Instagram.

WHAT TO LISTEN FOR: Financial Legacy

  • Are you “financially clumsy”?
  • What it means to have a financial legacy
  • Approaching chores and allowance with your kids
  • The difference between a financial coach and a financial advisor, and how to know if you’ve found someone you trust


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Episode 70. Kids, Chores, and Teaching of Financial Literacy || Okayest Moms Summer Series: Stress Free Personal Finance

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