Oct 13, 2020
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Can Advertising Walk the Talk
19 min

We’ve seen positive shifts in diversity, equity and inclusion in the marketing industry. But COVID-19 is proving to be the mother of all distractions, and while it’s easy to forget about the important issues when they’re out of our line of sight (while working from home) how can we promote the tangible benefits of diversity, equity and inclusion and accelerate this positive change.

Welcome to Rethink, a podcast by Think with Google. 

The idea of creating more diverse and inclusive workplaces is something people have been fighting for for years but it’s still taking time for companies to turn this into real, meaningful change.

In this episode, we're talking diversity, equity and inclusion, and how it positively impacts business. Especially when it’s clear that if people inside the four walls of your office are reflective of people outside it you get a better culture, better creative and ultimately, a better bottom line. 

Today’s challenge comes from creatives Jess and Grace who want to know how the advertising industry is making diversity a reality.

“A lot has been said about the need for diversity in advertising - both in the industry and the actual work. But what we wanna know is…what are we actually doing? How are we making it a more formal part of the creative process, so that agencies and clients not only include but amplify diverse voices?”

To help us answer this we chat with Tara McKenty, a Creative Director at Google and co-founder of RARE, a platform that drives diversion and inclusion in tech, media and creative industries.  Consultant Karen Ferry shares her experience and quotes diversity advocate, Verna Myers, to illustrate clearly the difference between diversity and inclusion. And Barb Humphries, Creative Director at The Monkeys tells the story behind the diverse casting decision for the Meat and Livestock Australia Company’s 2017 Spring Lamb ad. 

Diverse opinions, experiences and perspectives mean diverse ideas, and when ideas are your business that’s got to be a good thing.  So if you want to know more, check out this episode...


Want to learn more about how diversity and inclusion can make your brand messages and your business more powerful? Check out the latest from Think with Google…

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Noob Spearo Podcast | Spearfishing Tips, Stories and Interviews
Noob Spearo Podcast | Spearfishing Tips, Stories and Interviews
Isaac 'Shrek' Daly
NSP:141 Spearo Kids | Max, Ben and Don (Dad)
Interview with the NZ Spearo Kids (and their Dad) Very cool chat with Max (10), Ben (12) and their Dad Don about spearfishing in the South Island, New Zealand. We chat equipment issues such as loading spearguns, getting cold and choosing the right gear and helping them to slow down. This interview was a joy to record as these guys froth on spearing! Listen in!!! Important Times 02:00 Max, Ben and Donald introductions and how they got started spearfishing. Early obstacles and issues and how they overcame them. 12:20 Fish ID and how to get ahead 14:10 Ben's Proudest Catch | Big Blue Moki 18:45 Spearguns for Kids | Setup for easy loading 21:00 Wetsuits for Kids 27:00 Advice for Noobs 32:40 The experience of teaching your kids to spear fish 37:15 Filleting Fish | Discussion around learning Links Mentioned Noob Spearo Partners + Promotions Use the code NOOBSPEARO save $20 on every purchase over $200 at checkout – Flat shipping rate in AUSTRALIA! Use the Code In-Store or Online – Use the code NOOB10 to save 10% off all spearing gear store-wide. Free Shipping on USA orders over $99  | Simple, Effective, Dependable Wooden Spearguns. Use the Code NOOB to save $30 on any speargun:)  Use the code NOOBSPEARO to save $25 on the full Penetrator Spearfishing Fin Range. 28-day Freediving Transformation |Equalization Masterclass – Roadmap to Frenzel | Free Courses | Freediving Safety Course | How to Take a 25-30% Bigger Breath!  | The 5 minute Freediver | Break the 10 Meter Barrier – Use the code NOOBSPEARO to save $  | ‘Spearo Dad’ | ‘Girls with Gills’ | ‘Jobfish Tribute’  Subscribe to the best spearfishing magazine in the world. International subscription available! . Listen to 99 Tips to Get Better at Spearfishing
46 min
The Kyle Thiermann Show
The Kyle Thiermann Show
Kyle Thiermann
#252 The Problem with Palm Oil - Juli Hazlewood
Juli Hazlewood has dedicated her academic career and life energy to working with indigenous peoples of the Ecuadorian Choco Rainforest in their fights for protecting their terretories and cultures against extractive industries like palm oil and illegal mining. Hazlewood is the Co-Founder & Director of Roots & Routs IC ( If you dig this podcast, would you be please leave a short review on Apple Podcasts? It’s takes less than 60 seconds and makes a difference when I drop to my knees and beg hard-to-get guests to come on the show. Check out my writing at Join our book club at Brought to you by the Nell Newman Foundation, Santa Cruz Medicinals, and RPM Training. The Nell Newman Foundation is dedicated to humanitarian, scientific and environmental action that foster a resilient and restorative planetary ecology. They support the small, visionary, and perhaps untested organizations. They fund the underdogs and unpopular ideas Paul Newman championed. RPM Training is a Norcal based active lifestyle brand founded on the idea that legit, purposeful functional training is the foundation of a truly full, adventurous life. I love their workout equipment and use it daily. Use the code KYLE10 at checkout and get 10% off any order. Santa Cruz Medicinals CBD has supported this podcast from day one. Their founder actually convinced me to start the podcast! They make a range of potent CBD products and my personal favorite is the Peppermint Tincture, which I use most nights before before I go to bed. Use the code KYLE10 at checkout, and get 10% off any order. Sore muscles, be gone! Please consider supporting my work on Patreon. If you are financially strapped, just keep listening and give lots of high-fives. That’s all the payment I need. Connect with Kyle on Instagram | Twitter | YouTube Contact: The Motherfucker Awards Intro music by Nashe Howe “Life moves pretty fast ... if you don't look around once and a while, you could miss it.” - Ferris Buller
1 hr 15 min
The Student Mindset Podcast
The Student Mindset Podcast
Brandon Zhang
S2E20 "Ari Lewis - Starting a Newsletter in the Attention Economy"
Today, Ari Lewis joins the show to talk about why everyone should start a newsletter, actionable lessons from Disney and Barstool, and what he learned from hiring a writing coach. Ari helps companies and thought leaders earn attention without paying for it. He hosts the podcast, “The Attention Economy,” where he talks with entrepreneurs, executives, and industry leaders on how they capture the scarcest resource on earth. Links: 1. Ari's Twitter 2. Ari's Website 3. Brandon's Twitter 4. Brandon's Website 5 Key Takeaways  * I had around 1200 Twitter followers and I had zero people on the email list. So I just started to write, my goal was to write twice a week. As I began to grow, I realized there were like, all these advantages and to have you know, an audience. A lot of people they talk about, you know, build a product and go find an audience. And I'm really big on like, if you have an audience, you can sell them anything, you can figure out the product later. (Attention Merchants by Tim Wu)  * What I'm beginning to realize is like, yes, growth hacking works, but it only works to a certain extent, if you don't have good content, or if your content is not like serving a purpose, you're just not going to grow at the end of the day. And if you don't know how to growth hack, but you do have good quality content, you will grow in the long run.  * If you become like “The Everything Bundle", a great example, they're really turning into a traditional, “publication." They have like six or seven writers. Now they have multiple newsletters, multiple sections, they're doing events, they're doing podcasting. Well, how much money are you willing to give this up substack, how much does it cost is build out the same features internally and be able to personalize it.  * What barstool has done in a very similar way to Disney, is that they're not just good at creating content. They're good at monetizing their IP. * If you want to play college sports if you want to go to the pro level. you need many coaches, right? You need a fitness coach, you need a coach for the sport, you need maybe a wellness coach, you know, there's all these coachings you need? And well, what's the difference with running a business? If arguably running a business, there could be more money on the line, then, you know, playing a sport. So why wouldn't you have a writing coach? Why wouldn't you have you know, a psychological coach? Well, you have all these different coaches.
46 min
Flow Research Collective Radio
Flow Research Collective Radio
Flow Research Collective
Why Sleep Is A Crucial Component Of Performance — Dr. Wendy Troxel | Flow Research Collective Radio
More than 35% of adults aren’t getting enough sleep (according to stats by the CDC.) This is a concerning stat. Sleep deprivation affects mental and physical health in many ways. So, in this episode, we talk about sleep science. We love talking about flow and peak performance but flow is actually more than a moment of peak experience. It is a cycle. The 4 steps of the flow cycle are struggle, release, flow, and recovery. And today, we want to focus on recovery and sleep and how to factor them in as crucial components of performance. We kick off this episode by talking about the most common misconceptions that people have about sleep. Our guest is great. Dr. Wendy Troxel is a Senior Behavioral and Social Scientist at RAND and Adjunct Professor of Psychiatry and Psychology at the University of Pittsburgh. She is a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in behavioral treatments for insomnia and other sleep disorders across the lifespan. Her research is funded by the National Heart Lung Blood Institute of the National Institutes of Health and the Department of Defense. Troxel's research focuses on the interface between sleep, social environment, and health, as well as the implications for public policy. She is considered the leading authority on how sleep affects and is affected by close relationships. In this episode, you will learn why sleep is considered an overnight therapy and why you should not skip it. ABOUT THE EPISODE In this episode, you will learn about: * Misconceptions about sleep (0:27) * Sleep & memory consolidation (1:41) * Specific stages of sleep (3:15) * Sleep from an evolutionary perspective (6:29) * Norepinephrine & Sleep (9:37) * The importance of fundamental social connection(10:39) * Restoring quality sleep (12:17) * Reframing and visualization (15:46) * The content of dreams (17:06) * The positive things about sleep treatments (18:54) * Active recovery protocols (21:10) * Sleep & Cognition (22:23) * What to do to improve your sleep (24:09) * The first night effect (30:17) OUR FLOW TRAINING We are currently accepting new participants in our flagship flow training: Zero to Dangerous. Our science-backed peak performance training is for entrepreneurs and knowledge workers like you wanting to accomplish their wildest professional goals while reclaiming time, space, and freedom in their personal life. In Zero to Dangerous, * You’ll work one on one with our Ph.D. level peak performance coaches. They’ll help you implement flow practices and push you to where you want to go—and far beyond * You’ll master the maps and models of peak performance through our online video course. * You will get lifetime access to weekly calls with our community of peak performing business leaders who provide you with accountability, support, and feedback. After the training, you will be able to access flow states on-demand, so you can spend your entire workday in that hyper-focused zone and say goodbye to the distractions of politics, colleagues, and trivial nonsense. To apply for Zero to Dangerous, go to to book a call with our team who will help you assess if it is a good fit for you. Rooting for you!
45 min
The Small Business Show
The Small Business Show
Shannon Jean & Dave Hamilton
Evan Samet - Perseverance in the Time of Covid
There’s nothing better than having a Small Business Show listener reach out to us with a request to be on the show. Recently, we were contacted by a listener via LinkedIn with a compelling message about his experience starting and selling a Small Business and about the challenges of being in the ticketing and live event business that was completely shut down due to Covid. Evan Samet founded TicketInsider in 2013 and after experiencing significant success, he sold the company in 2018. Evan is now the VP of Purchase and Marketing at Key Investment Group, another ticketing and VIP experience company. Join your hosts Shannon Jean and Dave Hamilton as we take a deep dive into the ticketing and live event business to learn how they are surviving during Covid and their plans to thrive once live events return.  00:00:00 Small Business Show #304 for Wednesday, November 25, 2020 Please…Review The Small Business Show Evan Samet, Founder of TicketINsider, Vice President of Purchasing & Marketing at Key Investment Group A surprise 100% return for tickets at Toad’s Place starts a business! They canceled Wimbledon! Stop and ask: What does your company actually do? 00:13:11 SPONSOR: Issuu. The All-In-One Tool To Create & Distribute Great-Looking Content. Get Issuu for free or get 50% off a Premium account. Both at with promo code SBS. 00:15:13 SPONSOR: TextExpander lets you be both efficient and accurate. gets you 20% off your first year! The live entertainment business returns? Marc Geiger Claustrophobia Economy Here comes the Roaring Twenties! Hiring advice: Find people smarter than you Always work on your business skills Know that you’re valuable elsewhere We Love Mistakes! Mistake: Don’t always be the expert Advice: Have another stream of revenue SBS 304 Outtro Find Evan Samet on LinkedIn
49 min
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