Issue Zero
Issue Zero
Jan 5, 2021
Snow: Part 2
Play • 55 min

This week we continue with our Star Wars radio play...Mud 79. 

We're onto the second half of our sixth chapter Snow. This is the FINAL episode of the first act! And we find out whether the Empire will be forced to abandon their positions on Cestin IV or whether they’ll stay and fight to the last man!

There are some cool guest voices in this episode, thank you to EVERYONE involved!!!

Pvt Soloman Kwai – Narator -  Fred Kennedy - @fearless_fred

Pvt Mondahai - Chyann Garrick -

Imperial Corporal – Ajay Fry - @AjayFry

Rival Trooper – Supriya Dwivedi - @supriyadwivedi

Mudtrooper – Mike Piwerka - @kallark81

Mechanic – Kimberley Fowler - @TrafficChopper

Tanker – Kwame Damon Mason - @kwamster007

Gunner – Raina Douris - @RahRahRaina

Colonel Ghast – Farah Nasser - @FarahNasser

Clone ARC Commander – Elias Toufexis - @EliasToufexis

Inquistor Tiberia - Toni McLennon - @tonimacncheese

Rebel1 – Steph Gerk - @stephgerk

Rebel2 – Jay Acevedo - @Darth_Jay

Rebel Sniper – Sam Maggs - @SamMaggs

Sgt Ami - Ren Navaro - @beer_diversity

Wounded Trooper – Sunny Thrasher - @hehasnosocialmedia


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