Low Tox Life
Low Tox Life
Feb 21, 2021
223. Dr Perry Nickelston
Play • 1 hr 33 min

Ever experienced pain? 

Have a pain in your back that won’t go away? 

How about your elbow? 

Having a range of chronic issues with muscles, joints, swelling that won’t leave you alone? 

Well, it turns out one of the least effective things you can do is chase that pain - the answer is often in a bigger picture look at your body, emotions, the way you’re moving - the lack of movement. Dr Perry Nickleston, a Chiropractic physician trained in multiple disciplines thereafter over two decades, joins me today from “Stop Chasing Pain” to go full detective on your pain and chronic issues and look at the largest contributing factors that could be driving them. We discuss cell health, detoxification efficacy, conventional treatments, eastern treatment and even what we all might do to start cultivating greater ease of movement, less pain and injuries from what we drink in the morning to the best way to sit or spend a minute’s spare time. 

Enjoy the show and head to the show notes for more details over at lowtoxlife.com/podcast

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