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Dec 15, 2020
Dr. Aziz Gazipura on Transforming Your Inner Critic
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Dr. Aziz Gazipura is a clinical psychologist and one of the worlds leading experts on social confidence. After being stuck in shyness and social anxiety himself for almost 10 years, he became determined to find a way to social freedom. 

In this episode, Eric and Aziz discuss his book, On My Own Side: Transform Self Criticism And Self Doubt Into Permanent Self Worth And Confidence. They dive into the connection between our inner critic and social anxiety and talk about how to transform your inner world into one that is supportive and ultimately freeing. 

As we approach a new year, there’s no doubt that 2021 will have its challenges, but there is so much you can do to make it a wonderful year for you on a personal level. 

If you’d like to start out this new year restoring some balance and putting some healthy habits in place, or if you’re tired of waiting for the right circumstances to make progress towards your goals, Eric, as a behavior coach, can help you. 

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In This Interview, Dr. Aziz Gazipura and I Discuss Transforming Your Inner Critic and…

  • His book, On My Own Side: Transform Self Criticism And Self Doubt Into Permanent Self Worth And Confidence
  • Misconceptions about what it means to be on our own side or practice self-compassion
  • What it means to run on “clean” or “dirty” fuel when it comes to how we motivate ourselves
  • Why self-affirmations often don’t work very well
  • Internal family systems
  • How to work skillfully with our inner critic
  • When reason doesn’t eliminate the feeling inside of us
  • That there is no fundamental protection from all pain, danger, and loss
  • The role of empathy when addressing our inner critic
  • That the inner critic represents fear within us
  • The 5 steps to tame your inner critic
  • Taking time to decide who is the head of your “Inner household”
  • The internal mantra of “We can handle what comes our way”
  • Cultivating the skills that allow us to step into our uncomfortable emotions

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