The One You Feed
The One You Feed
Oct 5, 2021
Dr. Rick & Forrest Hanson on Learning to Be Well
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Dr. Rick Hanson and Forrest Hanson are hosts of the popular podcast, Being Well. Rick is a psychologist who writes and teaches about the essential inner skills of personal well-being, psychological growth, and contemplative practice, and together they address many of these issues on their podcast.

In this episode, Eric and Ginny discuss how to be well and experience psychological growth with Rick and Forrest.

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In This Interview, Eric, Ginny, Rick, and Forrest Discuss Learning How to Be Well and …

  • Their podcast, Being Well
  • The “dreaded experience” and how we organize our lives to avoid our fear, shame, vulnerability
  • How growth comes from facing and leaning into our dreaded experiences
  • Limiting beliefs and how our self-conception is 6 months out of date
  • Understanding that our brains are forecasting machines
  • Rick’s experience in a body massage skills workshop
  • Pausing to take in the positive experiences that come on the other side of facing the dreaded experiences
  • The assumptions that Forrest must be perfectly adjusted being the son of a psychologist
  • Nature versus nurture and how we all have wounds to deal with, no matter our upbringing
  • The upper reaches of potential 
  • Becoming comfortable with the experience of admitting fault is how we free ourselves
  • Asking where the forces of control are in our lives
  • Distinguishing between our internal and external forces
  • How our circumstances can be unfair, and yet our healing is our responsibility
  • We have a moral responsibility to decide which “wolf” we will feed 
  • The hope in knowing that all storms will pass 

Dr. Rick Hanson and Forrest Hanson Links:

Rick’s Website

Rick’s Facebook

Forrest’s Website

Forrest’s Instagram

Forrest’s Facebook

Being Well on Instagram

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