What’s worse? Jan 6 or Joe Biden’s corruption? Hint: it’s a trick question. Episode 176 - Hour 1 Whats Worse? Jan 6th Or Joe Bidens Corruption
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THE THESIS: The corruption that allowed Jan 6 to become a full-blown riot is the same corruption that allowed Black Lives Matter, Inc. and Antifa to run wild. It is the same corruption that pimped the Russia hoax, the Ukraine bribe hoax, it is the same corruption that allows the so called Attorney General to announce he will not respect the Supreme Court’s ruling on Roe Vs. Wade. Which is worse, Jan 6 or Joe Biden’s corruption? They are one and the same. 


Psalm 46:10

10 He says, “Be still, and know that I am God;

    I will be exalted among the nations,

    I will be exalted in the earth.”

Luke 8:16-18 - A Lamp on a Stand

16 “No one lights a lamp and hides it in a clay jar or puts it under a bed. Instead, they put it on a stand, so that those who come in can see the light. 17 For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open. 18 Therefore consider carefully how you listen. Whoever has will be given more; whoever does not have, even what they think they have will be taken from them.”


Frightened people make terrible decisions and, on every front, The Party is purposefully terrifying people into taking insane actions. 

How Trauma Became a Political Tool

[AUDIO - Cassidy Hutchinson testifies that she was told that as then-President Donald Trump was being driven back to the White House after the Jan. 6 rally that he demanded to be taken to the Capitol and tried to grab the steering wheel from a Secret Service agent

Multiple Reporters: Secret Service to Dispute J6 Committee Star Witness; Maybe you shouldn’t rely on hearsay.

[AUDIO] -  Plenty of videos of Alex Jones and Ali Alexander urging the crowd *away* from the Capitol Building. They had a permit for speeches in front of the Supreme Court. Pay attention to who leaves this all out

Now, we need retired FBI to do the same! Ray Epps was apparently talking about a “plan” and was worried that the crowd would “screw it up.” But, good ole Ray is not in jail and not being prosecuted. Gee . . . I wonder why that is? 

EXCLUSIVE: Ray Epps Was Worried Fast-Moving January 6 Crowd Might Interfere With ‘The Plan,’ Kentucky Man Claims

[AUDIO] - Michael Stenger testified that there [MAY HAVE BEEN] paid professional agitators on January 6th. Now he’s dead…

Julie Kelly on how the FBI went after John Eastman’s phone: “American Gestapo.” 

[AUDIO] - Voicemail from Joe Biden to Hunter saying he wants to discuss their China business deals

CONTEXT: NEW: In 2018, Joe Biden left a voicemail for Hunter saying he wanted to talk to him about a New York Times report on Hunter’s business deals in China.  Biden repeatedly said he “never discussed” business with Hunter.

[AUDIO] -  Hunter pleading with a Russian escort after paying her with $10,000 that appears to have come from Joe Biden

The two men who were arrested with 150,000 fentanyl pills in Tulare, CA on Friday have been released from custody on their own recognizance as a result of a court order from a judge following a "risk assessment". The Sheriff "strongly disagrees" with their release. - Bill Melugin, FOX News, LA

It’s not “just” CRT and the false idea of “transgenderism” that is being used to destroy the military, it’s the prepping of the environment for rule by “medical” technocrats. 

14,000 Army Guard Troops Could Be Axed Thursday for Refusing COVID Vax

Retirees from the CDC and the FDA have got to speak truth:

Pfizer, the FDA, the CDC and their supplicants in the Mockingbird Media lied about the mRNA staying in the injection site (why ANYONE believed that is beyond me). 

Pfizer documents: A Tissue Distribution Study of a [3H]-Labelled Lipid Nanoparticle-mRNA (LNP) Formulation Following Intramuscular Administration in Wistar Han Rats; dramatic increases in ovaries; Table 1, page 23 shows Total Lipid Concentration at 48 hours; very ELEVATED LNP concentrations in adrenals, injection site, liver, ovaries, bone marrow; ovaries dramatic increases 0.25 min to 48 hours

The injections are leading to more Covid and more deaths. Yes, this is from Canada, but American’s biology is not different from that of Canadians:

Uh-Oh, what is happening in Canada? Access to information (FOI) request Shows the More Covid Injections, then the More Hospitalizations and the More Deaths; supports Trudeau's 4 shots yet infection; Canadian data clearly show that the Covid-19 gene injections have a dose-response: the more doses = the more infections = the more cases = the more hospitalizations = the more deaths.

And, the people in the food supply chain had better start speaking up. They are planning a man-made food crisis so Bill Gates and Monsanto can leap in to “help.”

Northern Ireland’s new climate act will require removal of 500K cows, 700K sheep and 5M chickens to meet net-zero for methane, CH4. But this food is grown on rough grassland where farm crops can’t be grown. Looks like they will have to remove people too!


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