5 - Mark Joiner sees a better way for capitalism
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This episode's guest is Mark Joiner.

Mark is the former Executive Director of Finance for NAB, the current Chair of QBE Insurance, and has previously held a myriad of top-tier roles in the financial sector.

I know what you may be thinking... "what in the world does and banking/insurance executive have to say about environmental and community issues?"

The answer will floor you.

Mark is a deeply caring and thoughtful individual, and someone who beautifully articulates many of the structural problems with the corporate world that give rise to environmental and social injustice.

The things that he says in this conversations you would expect to hear from an activist, or a scholar, or an independent thinker. Mark is all of those things, and speaks about his 'highest value point of intervention' being in the board room rather than the protest rally (which would probably mean he wouldn't be allowed in any more board rooms!)

The truth is, we need people from all backgrounds and parts of society to collectively want to create positive change, and rather than try to point the finger at each other we should be asking ourselves, 'what can we do together?'

Mark graciously invited me to his home in the Byron hinterland where, after a tour of the property surveying all of the tree planting he has done, we sat down to discuss society at large; including the problems with our current capitalist system, the structural pressures of working in large corporations, and what people can do on an individual level to create change, no matter how small.

Thank you so much for listening. I'm having fun and I hope you are too.

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