Moodi Mahmoudi 'The rise of the service economy and rethinking how we approach service discovery"
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Welcome to Bringing Design Closer, the podcast focussed on discussing Designs role in tackling complex societal issues. Our goal is to have conversations that inspire and to help move the dial forward for organisations to become more human-centred in their approach to solving complex business and societal problems.

In this episode I speak with Moodi Mahmoudi of Next, a business centred around helping organisations create frameworks for design and innovation within their businesses - we speak about the automation of the role of Designer and what this looks like - and I challenge Moodi about the risks associated with this. Is this something we strive for? 

Moodi explains this isn’t the intention, but it’s removing the mundane elements, and creating experiences that enable designers and innovators to focus more on the craft of DOING their work. We speak about the hyper addiction of orgs striving for more growth - and if this is the driver behind the business -

We also cover off the frameworks inside their system that allows others to tap into it - frameworks of Circular Economys by Ellen MacArthur Foundation and also This is Service Design Doing by my colleagues at 

I thoroughly enjoyed this conversation and hope you do too!

It’s a biggy - let’s jump into it - 

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