Doug Powell 'Building a global Design capability and mindset at IBM'
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Hello, my name is Gerry Scullion and welcome to Bringing Design Closer, which is part of This is HCD.  I’m a service design practitioner and trainer based in Dublin City, Ireland.  Today in the show, we caught up with Doug Powell who’s an award-winning designer with more than 30 years’ experience in a wide range of design disciplines and is currently the vice president of design at IBM in Austin, Texas.  We speak in great detail around what IBM looked like around Doug’s arrival, and what things that they did over the last six years to enable design centricity to occur inside Big Blue. 

We go into the ROI of design to help us all better understand how they enable the conversation at the leadership level to hire 1,500 designers across the organisation and the globe.  Doug speaks about the incredible leadership team that really champion design centricity at IBM.  Something that we all know is one of, if not the most important pieces in enabling any transformations to occur.  We cover off lots of other little areas in the conversation.  I really enjoyed it, so let’s get straight to it. 

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