Leah Buley & Aarron Walter – 'InVision's Design Maturity Model'
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Hello, and welcome to Power of Ten, a podcast about designing and operating at many levels, from thoughtful detail through to organisational transformation, to the changes in society in the world.  My name is Andy Polaine, a designer, educator, and writer, and currently group director of client evolution at Fjord. The meta-theme this year for the Fjord trends was 'value'. I was excited to see that InVision, a company whose tools and platform many of our designers use, published their report about the design maturity model.  

It’s all about the value of design to business.  I caught up with Leah Buley, a veteran of the experience design industry and the author of the book: The User Experience Team of One.  She’s Director of InVisions’ Design and Education team and the main author of the report. And Aaron Walter, author of Design for Emotion.  Also, a veteran design leader, educator, and Vice President of InVision’s design education team. Leah, Aaron, welcome to Power of Ten. 

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