69 - Freemasons 2 of 2: Are Freemasons the Illuminati?
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Do the Freemasons work hand in hand with the illuminati? Are the Freemasons and the Illuminati one and the same? Is Alex Jones a Freemason? Was Jack the Ripper a Freemason? Did George Washington, definitely a Freemason, build the Washington D.C. monument as a tribute to the Dark Lord Lucifer? Is Alex Jones actually Bill Hicks? Do Jewish Zionists control the Freemason illuminati? Who are the Trilateralists? What is the Bilderberg group? What the fuck do they have to do with the illuminati? Why do I keep saying illuminati instead of Freemason? Am I the illuminati? SO MANY QUESTIONS on today’s whackadoodle episode of Timesuck. 

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