Crime in Sports
Crime in Sports
Nov 23, 2020
#235 - Bear Claws & Oral - The Expansiveness of Charles Barkley
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This week, we cozy up to a buffet of wild times, with a man who is world famous, successful as can be, and absolutely pulls no punches, both physically, and verbally. He was an Olympic champion, an NBA MVP, and even a longtime tv personality.  But make no mistake, he will wrestle you away from a cop, so he can throw you through a plate glass window, with very thought about it. He did it all, and told about it all, now we get our chance to talk about it!


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911 Calls Podcast with The Operator
911 Calls Podcast with The Operator
11:59 Media
Hey all you hug dealers, Ok this is a personally curated Dark Call for all of you that have been asking what you might be missing over on Patreon ( ). But don’t worry, this is a bonus, and we will also still be filling your earballs this week with a new 911 Calls episode as expected. What makes a call a Dark Call? Well, one of two things: * The call just might not resolve like normal - in other words, it might be a bit more uncomfortable, but we still try really hard to find the humor in everything … just like normal, and we try to hold your hand through all the craziness that might ensue. * Or, it might be a topic that we find a little more intense than what we would normally play on the 911 Calls Podcast with The Operator … which afterall is a family show. * Three, the theme song sounds different, it’s still the same song, but it is performed by my friends down at the gothic church of the 7 elevens, they’re a startup … support your local goths, I say… * But finally, rest assured, there is always, always, always a happy ending that is both happy and the ending to each episode. So with that, I hope you will continue to trust me as I present this special, hand picked Dark Call for your earballs to absorb. Hugs? 💜 Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries: Privacy & Opt-Out:
34 min
PS I Hate This Movie
PS I Hate This Movie
PS I Hate This Movie
064 - Knocked Up
64 -    We take a realistic look into the unrealistic world of romantic comedies that we LOVE to hate.   This Week -   Knocked Up  (2007) Starring: Katherine Heigl, Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd    A wonderful movie that is trying to convince you that Seth Rogen is 23 years old.    We ask the tough questions this week… How old should we think Seth Rogen is?  Why does Sarah hate James Franco so much?  How long was this movie?      Listen to the podcast - then watch the movie or vice versa!  But stay home, please. What do you need to go out for? Maybe groceries?  Then go back home. Stay home. No need to go out. Pretend you're in an underground fallout shelter. It's therapeutic (and just safe, right now).    HEIGL Meter!! A scale for movies. 5 Heigls = worst movie you've ever seen in your life, most painful. 1 Heigl = not bad.    Sarah:  120 Heigls  James:   3 Heigls    Follow us on Social Media!   Twitter: @YouGotHeigld Facebook: Instagram: @yougotheigld   Sarah -  Twitter: @sarahhisfunny Instagram: @sarahhisfunny Buy Sarah's books on Amazon!  Small Potatoes: Mouthwatering Musings of a Misanthrope  Small Potatoes: Leftover Beef From a Lovable Curmudgeon   James - Twitter: @Jimmypisfunny Instagram: @jamespietragallo Listen to James's other podcasts! Crime in Sports podcast Small Town Murder podcast for upcoming bonus content  PayPal:    We have merchandise!   Tune in every SATURDAY! STAY HOME, PLEASE!   RATE and REVIEW on Apple Podcasts!   Are you still reading this?    #romanticcomedies #quarantineandchill #selfisolation #podcasts  See for privacy and opt-out information.
1 hr 31 min
Dark Topic
Dark Topic
11:59 Media
019 • The Moral Imbecile
Harvey Miguel Robinson is one of America’s youngest serial killers. In the early 90’s, the 17 year old stalked the streets of Allentown, Pennsylvania, taking the lives of two women and a teenage girl. But his insatiable bloodlust got the best of him when he stumbled into a trap set by police. For additional content and to support the show. *From the archives of the:* The Morning Call (Allentown, Pennsylvania) Sept. 2, 1990 July 2, 1993 Aug. 1, 1993 Aug. 3, 1993 Aug. 5, 1993 Dec. 7, 1993 March 4, 1994 April 17, 1994 Aug. 4, 1994 Nov. 11, 1994 Nov. 27, 1994 Dec. 7, 1994 May 24, 1995 Nov. 4, 1999 April 6, 2006 July 1, 2016 Oct. 16, 2019 Philadelphia Inquirer (PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA) Dec. 13, 1993 Nov. 10, 1994 York Dispatch (York, Pennsylvania) Dec. 22, 1962 The Gazette & Daily (York, Pennsylvania) Dec. 24, 1962 The Mercury Morning (Pottstown, Pennsylvania) Dec. 24, 1962 York Daily Record (York, Pennsylvania) May 8, 1963 May 9, 1963 Nov. 28, 1994 *Court records:* UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT EASTERN DISTRICT OF PENNSYLVANIA Case No. 06-c-0089 Sept. 8, 2020 UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE WESTERN DISTRICT OF PENNSYLVANIA Civil Action No. 14-227 Judgement (7/17/2019) IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE WESTERN DISTRICT OF PENNSYLVANIA Civil No. 2:14-cv-0227 PLAINTIFF’S’ PROPOSED SUPPLEMENTAL VOIR DIRE QUESTIONS (6/19/201) SUPREME COURT OF PENNSYLVANIA Case 2:14-cv-00227-MPK CIVIL COVER SHEET (02/18/2014) SUPREME COURT OF PENNSYLVANIA COMMONWEALTH of Pennsylvania, Appellee v. Harvey Miguel ROBINSON, Appellant. No. 662 CAP. OPINION (12/27/2013) *Romance Department:* *Music* Blue Feather - Reunited by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. Source: Artist: ----- Music - Interloper by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. Source: Artist: ----- Music - Gagool by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. Source: Artist: ------ Music - Dreamlike by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. Source: Artist: Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries: Privacy & Opt-Out:
58 min
Trace Evidence
Trace Evidence
Steven Pacheco
144 - The Disappearance of Jennifer Pentilla
***Sponsored by: AcornTV! Visit Acorn.TV/Trace to get your first 30 days free! Simplisafe! Visit for a free security camera and 60 day risk free trial!*** Eighteen year old Jennifer Pentilla was driven to help others. Fresh out of high school she traveled to Mexico on a mission trip to paint churches and assist the local community. When an opportunity arose to go back, she leapt at it. What was supposed to be a group bike trip from San Diego, down into Mexico, fell through but Jennifer was undeterred and even if she had to go alone, she was set on making the trip. In October of 1991, she set off on her own and for a time the trip was going well. However, on October 17th she made her last call home and mysteriously disappeared from Deming, New Mexico. Over a year later, most of her belongings were found in the desert not far from the town of Hatch. Thirty years later, the question remains, what became of Jennifer Pentilla? FB: IG: TW: Visit for more information, case photos, contact information and more. Merch: GetVokl: (Weekly livestreams 7pm-8pm Eastern) Music Courtesy of: "Lost Time" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
55 min
Timesuck with Dan Cummins
Timesuck with Dan Cummins
Dan Cummins
226 - Shaka Zulu
Shaka Zulu! I'm guessing you've heard the name. Also guessing you know very little about his story. Most don't seem too. Which is a shame because it's such a great story! Shaka took the small Zulu tribe from less than 2,000 members to around 250,000 in just a dozen years. He took them from being one of many militarily inconsequential bands of Africans living in what is now South Africa to the powerful Zulu Nation - one of the mightiest African military powers on the entire continent. He was a brilliant military tactician who changed the way his people - and many other people - would fight, not only during his reign, but for long after his death. He also seems to have been a sadistic madman who did crazy things like kill thousands of people for not grieving the death of his mother hard enough. And have others killed just for getting pregnant while he grieved. His tale is a wild one. And we use it as an excuse to not just learn a lot about him, but also about the history of South Africa. So much info today - and hopefully also a lot of fun, on another historical edition of Timesuck.  Watch the Suck on YouTube: Merch  -   Discord! COTC private FB Group: For all merch related questions/problems: (copy and paste) Please rate and subscribe on iTunes and elsewhere and follow the suck on social media!! @timesuckpodcast on IG and Wanna become a Space Lizard? We're over 10,000 strong! Click here:  Sign up through Patreon and for $5 a month you get to listen to the Secret Suck, which will drop Thursdays at Noon, PST. You'll also get 20% off of all regular Timesuck merch PLUS access to exclusive Space Lizard merch. You get to vote on two Monday topics each month via the app. And you get the download link for my new comedy album, Feel the Heat. Check the Patreon posts to find out how to download the new album and take advantage of other benefits. See for privacy information.
2 hr 23 min
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