Small Town Murder
Small Town Murder
Oct 21, 2020
#194 - A Real Life Halloween Monster in Sutherland, Nebraska
2 hr 47 min

This week, in Sutherland, Nebraska, where right before Halloween, a quiet, rural area is sent into a panic, when a news broadcast breaks in on the regularly scheduled show to tell residents to stay in their homes, lock their doors & load their guns, because there is a maniac on the loose! It turns out to be worse than anyone could've imagined, as the scene of the crime is as horrific as possible. Everyone finds out that monsters can be real! 

Along the way, we find out that you never know what's in someone's head, that the Sheriff shouldn't hang out with jurors, and that just when you think you've heard human nature hit rock bottom... this guy comes along!


Hosted by James Pietragallo & Jimmie Whisman 


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PS I Hate This Movie
PS I Hate This Movie
PS I Hate This Movie
058 - Dave!
58-    We take a realistic look into the unrealistic world of romantic comedies that we LOVE to hate.   This Week -   Dave (1993)  Starring: Kevin Kline Fan Club    A wonderful movie where anyone can be President.    We ask the tough questions, this week:  Is there an existing Kevin Kline Fan Club?  Who wants to greenlight our Richard Nixon Impersonator Prank Show?  Can we get a bunch of different musicians to record their own version of ‘Hail to the Chief’ so that people don’t ever get ‘Hail to the Chief’ fatigue? Billy Joel? Rolling Stones? Aimee Mann? Britney Spears? Susan Boyle?    Bonus question: Did you know you can eat mashed potatoes any time you want? You can.    Listen to the podcast - then watch the movie or vice versa!  But stay home, please. What do you need to go out for? Maybe groceries?  Then go back home. Stay home. No need to go out. Pretend you're in an underground fallout shelter. It's therapeutic (and just safe, right now).    HEIGL Meter!! A scale for movies. 5 Heigls = worst movie you've ever seen in your life, most painful. 1 Heigl = not bad.    Sarah:  0 Heigls  James: 1 Heigls    Follow us on Social Media!   Twitter: @YouGotHeigld Facebook: Instagram: @yougotheigld   Sarah -  Twitter: @sarahhisfunny Instagram: @sarahhisfunny Buy Sarah's books on Amazon!  Small Potatoes: Mouthwatering Musings of a Misanthrope  Small Potatoes: Leftover Beef From a Lovable Curmudgeon   James - Twitter: @Jimmypisfunny Instagram: @jamespietragallo Listen to James's other podcasts! Crime in Sports podcast Small Town Murder podcast ( for upcoming bonus content  PayPal:    We have merchandise! (   Tune in every FRIDAY! STAY HOME, PLEASE!   RATE and REVIEW on Apple Podcasts!   Are you still reading this?    #romanticcomedies #quarantineandchill #selfisolation #podcasts
1 hr 38 min
Scared To Death
Scared To Death
Dan Cummins
La Isla de las Muñecas/Island of the Dolls
Happy Thanksgiving, Creeps and Peepers! Much thanks for all of our fans, Robert's and Annabelle's! On today's show, Dan takes us all to one of the strangest places we have ever gone on Scared to Death, The Island of the Dolls. Why in the world would a man just up and leave him family to live, alone and secluded, on an island that he then COVERS in dolls? After years of living on the island, why does this man turn up dead? What have others discovered when visiting The Island of the Dolls? Are the dolls alive? Possessed? Is it all in their imaginations? From Mexico City, Dan takes us to Colorado. More specifically, we are going to Riverdale Road. This road is know by many to be extremely haunted. Listen to Dan share a tale of three credible witnesses who are lured in by the spirit of women with a decaying face, a woman who tries to burn them alive.  Lynze pulls us back to more traditional stories. She also starts in Mexico and shares a long standing family story from a fan. Carrying on the theme of family stories, Lynze shares a tale from Donna, Dan's little sister, and her creepy kids. In both stories, we are left to wonder if kids are more prone to see ghosts and if so, why?  Thank you for continuing to send in your stories, Creeps and Peepers! Please keep doing so. Send them to  Send everything else to  Want to be a Patron? Get episodes AD-FREE, listen and watch before they are released to anyone else, bonus episodes, a 20% merch discount, additional content, and more! Learn more by visiting: Check out Scared to Death merch in the store!  Please rate, review, and subscribe anywhere you listen. Thank you for listening! Follow the show on social media: @scaredtodeathpodcast on Facebook and IG Watch this episode on Youtube: Website: Facebook: Instagram: Mailing Address: Scared to Death c/o Timesuck Podcast PO Box 3891 Coeur d'Alene, ID 83816 Video/Audio by Bad Magic Productions Additional music production by Jeffrey Montoya Additional music production by Zach Cohen Various free audio provided by Opening Sumerian protection spell (adapted):  "Whether thou art a ghost that hath come from the earth, or a phantom of night that hath no home… or one that lieth dead in the desert… or a ghost unburied… or a demon or a ghoul… Whatever thou be until thou art removed… thou shalt find here no water to drink… Thou shalt not stretch forth thy hand to our own… Into our house enter thou not. Through our fence, breakthrough thou not… we are protected though we may be frightened.  Our life you may not steal, though we may feel SCARED TO DEATH." See for privacy information.
1 hr 9 min
Timesuck with Dan Cummins
Timesuck with Dan Cummins
Dan Cummins
219 - Annie Oakley
At the height of her career, sharpshootin' Annie Oakley the talented sharpshooter was the most famous woman in America, if not the world - dazzling audiences and setting records as she fired at clay pigeons, birds, glass balls and performing a wide array of "How in the Hell is that possible?" trick shots. Annie's love of guns began in her childhood, when she didn’t use them to entertain, but to survive. Literally. Born Phoebe Ann Mosey, Annie picked up her father’s gun when he died, and she hunted to help feed her incredibly impoverished family. As a teen, she’d use her skills to pay off her mother’s mortgage. And it was during one of these shooting competitions where she would meet and beat her future husband, an Irish immigrant named Frank Butler. Their love story is pretty damn special and incredible. In a time when a female breadwinner was almost unheard of, Annie went on to become one of the highest paid entertainers in the world. And we Suck her life and times in today's gun-slinging, wild west, record-breaking edition, of Timesuck. In honor of Veteran’s Day,  we made a Bad Magic Productions donation of $10,000 to Thank you Space Lizards!  Also, through November 23rd, we are accepting Giving Tree applications to help give numerous Cult of the Curious families a holiday Bojangles would be proud of. If you have children, and due to financial hardships, are worried there will no gifts to open this holiday season, we want to help! Please - copy and paste the following email: (copy & paste address) You can remain anonymous if you wish. You can also email us here to donate yourself. We will match!  Watch the Suck on YouTube: Merch  -   Discord! COTC private FB Group: For all merch related questions: Please rate and subscribe on iTunes and elsewhere and follow the suck on social media!! @timesuckpodcast on IG and Wanna become a Space Lizard? We're over 10,000 strong! Click here:  Sign up through Patreon and for $5 a month you get to listen to the Secret Suck, which will drop Thursdays at Noon, PST. You'll also get 20% off of all regular Timesuck merch PLUS access to exclusive Space Lizard merch. You get to vote on two Monday topics each month via the app. And you get the download link for my new comedy album, Feel the Heat. Check the Patreon posts to find out how to download the new album and take advantage of other benefits. See for privacy information.
2 hr 18 min
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