In Recovery
In Recovery
Nov 30, 2020
Beauty in the Grit
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Air proudly identifies as a Black woman in long term recovery. Today, that’s a source of strength, but that wasn’t always the case -- she says she felt uncomfortable in her skin since the day she was born. In an intimate and vulnerable conservation with Nzinga, Air shares how she’s learned to take the moments of discomfort and uncertainty and use them to connect with herself, her community, and her identity. It is in these harder moments that Air finds the most beauty and pride in her life.

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Medicine Stories
Medicine Stories
Amber Magnolia Hill
74. Womb Sovereignty, the Dark Feminine, and Mythopoetic Pregnancy Release - Samantha Zipporah
Your ancestors are with you every time the portal of the womb opens; our blood connects us to our lineage, to the mythic archetypes that hold meaning for us, and to our deepest inner selves. Whatever sort of womb release you experience, it lies on a continuum of commonality with all releases. Let us explore these interconnections so that we can be deeply rooted in our own bodies. TOPICS: * How Samantha got into this work * The womb as a source of pleasure and power, instead of pain * There is cellular alchemy no matter how a pregnancy ends (birth, miscarriage, abortion) and commonalities between all the different kinds of pregnancy release * Abortion is a nexus of sex and death and birth * The Dark Goddess and the Underworld Journey- seeing the release of a pregnancy through a mythic lens * Modern medicine is an industry, not a healing modality * The psychospiritual process of menstruation: when the cervix is open we can more easily access other states of consciousness * The Sacred Yes- what we are saying yes to when we say no to a pregnancy * Honoring death as a healing need in our culture * Function and access to Misoprostol * Understanding the two categories of abortion: mechanical and chemical * Demystifying the idea of a "natural abortion" * Herbs: emmenagogues and abortifacients  * Sitting at the feet of the plant elders * Systems of false authority, persecution, and the witch wound * How shame and secrecy around abortion can prolong bleeding * Conscious contraception * Giving yourself a 40 day postpartum healing period after any pregnancy release LINKS (if listening on an app that doesn’t support embedded links, find these at _ * _Samantha’s website_ * _Medicine Stories Patreon_ (podcast bonuses!) * _Medicine Stories Episode #73_ * _Mysteries of the Dark Moon: The Healing Power of the Dark Goddess_ by Demetra George * _Herbal Healing for Women_ by Rosemary Gladstar * _Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom_ by Dr. Christiane Northup * The _Womb Sovereignty Song_ performance (can also find on Soundcloud) * _Self-Managed Abortion, the Law, and CODIV-19 Fact Sheet_ * The _Self-Managed Abortion podcast_ * _Red School_ * _Guttmacher Institute Stats on Induced Abortion in the United States_ * _BBC reporting on abortion rates_ * _Wild Power_ _by Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer_ * _PlanCPills.org_ * _If/When/How_ * _Women on Waves_ _film_ * _Women on Web_ * _A New View of a Woman's Body_ _by Carol Downer_ * _Samantha Zipporah's Patreon_ * Take our fun _Which Healing Herb is Your Spirit Medicine?_ Quiz * My website _MythicMedicine.love_  * Medicine Stories _Facebook group_ * Mythic Medicine on _Instagram_ * Music by _Mariee Sioux_ (from her beautiful song Wild Eyes)
1 hr 26 min
The Genealogy Guys Podcast & Genealogy Connection
The Genealogy Guys Podcast & Genealogy Connection
George G. Morgan & Drew Smith
The Genealogy Guys Podcast #388
The Genealogy Guys Learn subscription education site is on sale through December 31, 2020 for $69 for your first year's subscription (new subscribers only). Regularly $99, this is our lowest price of the year! Visit for full details of obtaining the discount and our current course catalog. (Listen to the podcast to get the discount code.) The winner of the Genealogy Publishing Company’s At a Glance sheet on “Polish Genealogy Research” is John from North Tonawanda, New York. The call deadline for submitting applications for the Unsung Heroes Awards and the Unsung Heroes Awards Society Grant is January 1, 2021, at midnight EST. Don’t miss it! Details can be found on our blog at News You Can Use and Share! * MyHeritage announced the release of a new colorization model for MyHeritage iIn ColorTM. * RootsMagic 8 is making progress with thousands of testers. Listen for a new announcement soon, and listen to their ad for a great holiday sale price. * The Germans from Lithuania Name Index is now online at * The Association of Professional Genealogists (APG) presented its 2020 awards. Included are Loretto Dennis “Lou” Szucs as recipient of the Laura G. Prescott Award for Exemplary Service to Genealogy and Amy E. K. Arner, who received the Honorary Life Membership. * Michael J. Leclerc has been selected as the new managing editor of the Association of Professional Genealogists Quarterly. * Findmypast has added new collections or new records to: Scotland Monumental Inscriptions; US World War II Casualty Lists; Essex Baptisms; Devon Baptisms; Berkshire Probate Index; Yorkshire Monumental Inscriptions; U.S. Obituary Notices; and Ireland Billion Graves Cemetery Index. * has built a robust, open-source online facility to discover and explore nearly a half million people and 5 million data points for enslaved Africans. From archival entries to spreadsheet entries, the lives of the enslaved can be seen in richer detail. Visit * FamilySearch has announced that it is has added 20 languages – up now to 30 languages – for researching in its website. * Drew recaps three weeks of huge new and expanded collections at FamilySearch. DNA Segment with Diahan Southard Drew and Diahan discuss CODIS, the DNA database used by U.S. law enforcement, and how the major DNA testing companies interact (or not) with U.S. law enforcement. Cyndi Says Cyndi Ingle tells us that it is time to review. We Hear from Our Listeners! * Tom wrote to thank The Guys for leads to books and other materials about life in Scotland and its history between 1900 and 1930. He also describes some ironies he has discovered in WWI and WWII in his wife’s family. * Mark shared his brick wall happy dance that resulted from locating a social item in a 1902 newspaper gossip column. * William is trying to locate a birth certificate in Texas for his grandfather. He has located one for his grandfather’s brother but not for his grandfather. Suggestions are welcome from our listeners. * Lisa wrote to discuss her genealogical numbering using the Ahnentafel method and how she files her evidence. We’d like to thank all our supporting Patreon members for their support. Your Patreon support helps us improve our technology and provide even more podcast content to you! You can join us for as little as $1 a month or as much as you’d like to contribute. Visit to get started. You should also tell your friends or your society about our free podcasts, our free blog, and our Genealogy Guys Learn subscription education website and the current sale through December 31, 2020. Visit our Genealogy Guys Blog at for even more news between podcasts. Let us hear from you at George and Drew are available for virtual presentations for your local society. Contact us at
1 hr 33 min
A Millennial's Guide to Saving the World
A Millennial's Guide to Saving the World
Anya Kaats
#77 Why Food May Not Be Thy Medicine with Dana Monsees
Dana is a Nutritionist and Body Image Coach who teaches women how to heal their relationship to food and to their bodies. She's also one of the very few people I actually trust in the wellness/functional medicine community. We speak about our personal health journeys, how we met in the food blogger world, and where we are now. We talk about the shadow sides of "wellness" culture as a whole, but specifically related to the paleo/ancestral/whole food world, & elaborate on how "functional," whole food diets are still diets. We also talk about the correlations between stress & health, how food and wellness influencers are rarely healthy and how the unhealthy relationship we have to food and to our bodies may very well be an extension of our unhealthy relationship to control. Find Dana at and on Instagram. Dana's book recommendations: Daring Greatly by Brené Brown, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, and Beyond Beautiful by Anuschka Rees Songs featured: "This is How We Walk on the Moon" by José González and "I Like That" by Janelle Monáe Interested in participating in the Lunar Circle? Visit for more information and to enroll. How to support the show: Rate, review and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes! Support my work on Patreon and get access to perks like exclusive WhatsApp group chats, a book club just for patrons, shirts + stickers, playlists, and curated workshops led by Patrons and former guests of the podcast. Visit my website - & Find me on Instagram
1 hr 58 min
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