Cancel All Student Debt w/ Seth Frotman
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Why can’t we just cancel all student loan debt? The Department of Education could do it right now. But they don’t. Seth Frotman, the executive director of the Student Borrower Protection Center, comes on the show to talk about the 45 million Americans who get a student loan bill every month. Why won't the federal government just take this financial burden off its people? Plus, how the government has completely bungled helping those with student loans during a global pandemic. We absolutely can cancel all student loan debt. And we should.

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Work in Progress with Sophia Bush
Work in Progress with Sophia Bush
Kirsten Gillibrand
Today on Work In Progress, Sophia is joined by Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (@kirstengillibrand). Senator Gillibrand is a lawyer and politician from New York who's served in both the House of Representatives and the Senate. Senator Gillibrand entered the world of politics in 2006 after winning a House of Representatives seat as a Democrat in a traditionally Republican region. She went on to fill the U.S. Senate seat in 2009 after being appointed by then New York Governor David Peterson and in 2010, Senator Gillibrand won reelection in a special vote, thus becoming the youngest elected member of the Senate at age 43. Throughout her time in the Senate, Senator Gillibrand has led some of the toughest fights in Washington - she has been a major supporter of gay rights, advocating for same-sex marriage and the repeal of the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy, she has worked tirelessly for women's rights, improved healthcare benefits for 9/11 workers, and served on the Senate Agricultural Committee to fight against food stamp reductions to protect America’s families - and that’s just to name a few of the fights that she has taken on for all of us.On today’s episode of Work in Progress, Sophia and Senator Gillibrand discuss Senator Gillibrand’s childhood and the impact that her mother and grandmother had on her career and her propensity to lead, the range of issues that she has taken on in the Senate, the ongoing pandemic, what it’ll take to get real COVID-19 relief, the upcoming Presidential election...and so, SO much more. Thank you to our sponsors for today’s episode: GreenChef ( and use code WIP80) Rothy’s (
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Bisexual Real Talk
Bisexual Real Talk
Alex Anders
Bisexual Bedroom Issues - Viewer Email
This is what you can do if your partner is feeling insecure about what your bisexuality and what it means to the future of your relationship. ***** BiCupid Dating Site - signup links below to help support the channel Desktop: iPhone app: Android app: ***** Simmering Fury (MMF Bisexual Romance) - Excerpt: Transferring myself from Duke’s arm to Fury’s, I felt just as turned on. The man was truly scorching hot. Everything about him was sexy, from the way his tailored tuxedo draped his tapered torso, to the steely look in his eyes. And that continued when I saw his car.The thing looked like it should be in the Indy 500. It was a race car, but with every luxury possible. Not only did the doors lift into the air like an eagle about to take off, but the inside lit up like a leather-covered spaceship.“There are only two seats,” I pointed out staring in.“Is that a problem?” Fury asked not slowing down.“It’s just that there’s three of us.”“I think we can figure out how to make three work.”I gave Fury a second look wondering what exactly he was talking about. There were three of us heading back to his place. Was he planning on making that work, too?I got into the low bucket seats and couldn’t figure out how to close the door.“Let me,” he said sliding his hand across my lap and touching a button next to my leg.God, did I like that. He didn’t know it, but he was shooting sparks near kindling. My crotch burned like it would catch on fire. And then, when we pulled up to the front of the building and Duke and I switched places and I sat on his lap, I could barely contain myself.If I hadn’t been drinking all night on an empty stomach, I might have given some thought to the fact that I wasn’t a small girl and I was sitting on Duke’s lap. I had, though, so the only thing on my mind was what the hard thing was I was sitting on.I would love to think that Duke’s excitement was for me, but I remembered what Penelope had said. She had said that Duke couldn’t see past his overwhelming feelings for his long time best friend. I probably could have been the hottest girl in the world, and it wouldn’t move him at all.With the rumbling of the engine creating a sound barrier between the two seats, I leaned back and whispered into Duke’s ear.“Fury told me something when we were walking to the car. He said he wanted you. Did you know that?”As soon as I said it, I felt the hard thing that was pressed against my thigh, move. Yep, that was Duke I felt. Duke didn’t even try to hide it.“He said he wanted to strip you naked and make you groan,” I told him feeling him flinch again. “Would you like that? Do you want him to do that?”Duke didn’t answer. Nor did he look at either of us. But his desire was clear. With my lips still by his ear, I allowed the heat from my breath to build up. My world was spinning and I wasn’t sure it was from the alcohol.I wanted to kiss him so badly my heart hurt. So, when the car slowed and we pulled up to a sprawling Mediterranean mansion, I heard a snapping noise. If I was wearing a bra, I would have thought it was that. But what it turned out to be was my last bit of self-restraint slipping out of my hands.Unable to stop myself, I rocked back and forth against his lap. I wanted it to touch me there, but it didn’t get a chance.“We’re here,” Fury said settling my hips.I didn’t want to move, but I knew I had to. I had set something into motion and it was time to let it play out in front of me.“You might need to get the door,” I told Fury while reaching back for Duke’s hand preventing him from moving.“Of course.”Fury sprung out of his seat and rushed around the car. The lights from the gorgeous home lit more than just his way. As he crossed in front of the hood, it lit up his thin tuxedo pants that left nothing to the imagination. Fury was as excited as Duke was and I could see a perfect outline of him. The man was incredibly big.Did Duke know what he was in for? He must have known, right? They played high school football together. They had to have seen each other naked.With that thought in mind, my head again swooned. After Fury opened the gull-wing doors and helped me out, I never let go of his hand. And when Duke exited and joined us, I took his hand leading them both to the front door.Click here to get it now - ***** Discount Code: StaySafe15 Bisexual Socks & T-shirts (Teespring): Support the channel with Patreon - Merch & Books: Bisexual Face Masks & Sweatshirts & T-shirts (Teespring): Lapel pins & Pop Sockets (Amazon): My Bisexual Romance Audiobooks: My Bisexual Romance eBooks: Relationship Satisfaction Research - YouTube Channel: My Instagram: Official website: Twitter: @BisexRealTalk Instagram: Want advice about being bisexual? Email BisexualsAreCooler (at) Gmail ***** Enigma by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source:
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At The End of The Tunnel
At The End of The Tunnel
Light Watkins
WORDAFUL with Liz Hernandez - Ep 022
Click here for full episode transcript. *Episode 22: Show Notes.* “Manifest the life that you want with the power of your words. When you raise your vibration with gentle words and encouraging thoughts, positive changes occur.”  This is what the landing page of the WORDAFUL Community website says, and today’s episode is all about the power of words. Today’s guest is Liz Hernandez, a Mexican American Emmy-nominated television personality and journalist, and the founder of WORDAFUL.  Liz grew up in San Diego as a self-described radio nerd, with parents who always taught her about the power of words. Years later, Liz became the co-host of one of the most popular shows on one of the biggest radio stations in Southern California, which led to a series of other very prominent hosting positions on channels like MTV and Access Hollywood.  Then, her mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Liz took some time off from hosting to help care for her mom. Just before she passed, Liz's mom lost 95% of her speech, but her positive spirit and limited speech inspired Liz to gain a new appreciation for the power of everyday words and the lessons that they can teach us.  Liz started WORDAFUL, a company that has grown into a thriving community with a large online presence. In this episode, Liz shares a bit about her process, starting with how she grew up, how she landed a coveted position at Power 106, and why the word ‘Canada’ has a special significance for her.  Of course, she also shares how she found her way to creating WORDAFUL and all of the obstacles she had to overcome along the way. Tune in today!   *Key Points From This Episode:* •    Liz’s favorite toy or activity as a kid was a talking doll named Julie, or riding her BMX bicycle. •    Hear Liz talk about her family home and her childhood – full of people, cooking, and love. •    Liz says that her parents are the main reason she started WORDAFUL, because they always used words to empower her. •    Liz discovered radio in college and her parents encouraged her to do what made her happy. •    Liz describes herself as a radio nerd – she always loved radio, and she fell into it naturally. •    When co-hosting a radio show in college, Liz says reading the news was the hardest part. •    Why the word ‘Canada’ holds a special significance for Liz, and how she made it to LA. •    We think we need to be like those who came before us, but Liz believe that we win when we are ourselves – people relate to authenticity. •    Liz reflects on her ten years with Big Boy at Power 106, summarizing it as the time of her life. •    From radio to television with MTV – Liz got an agent, and had experience with a teleprompter. •    In Liz’s first few months at Access Hollywood, her mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. •    Liz’s experience of looking after her mother as a primary caregiver while still working full-time. •    Some of the warning signs of Alzheimer’s – forgetfulness, repeating themselves, suspicion. •    Gratitude and support have been important Liz’s life and have helped her through hard times. •    Meeting Oprah, how it helped move Liz’s career forward, and the genesis of WORDAFUL. •    Starting WORDAFUL from her tiny studio apartment – it was a collaborative effort. •    From videos to live events, Liz did WORDAFUL out of necessity for herself, not for money. •    Watching her mother lose her words made Liz not want to be reckless with her own. •    Liz encourages listeners to have the conversation with parents abou
1 hr 2 min
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