Who Smarted?
Who Smarted?
Nov 27, 2020
Why do some people pee when they laugh?
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Laughter is a great way to release stress, bond with friends & family, and just have fun. It's also why some people end up accidentally WETTING themselves! On this episode of WHO SMARTED?, we'll visit a disastrous rehearsal of Romeo & Juliet -- where the problem isn't that Juliet forgot her lines -- it's that she has a bad case of the giggles and cannot stop LAUGHING. Your kids will learn how laughing can be a way to shield yourself from troubling emotions which is why people sometimes laugh at bad news, or when someone trips and falls. Of course, sometimes someone falling is just plain funny. They'll also learn why laughing can sometimes make you lose control of your bodily functions! Because laughing causes a very fast contraction and release of abdominal muscles, it can actually confuse your bladder - making you pee! And they'll learn that people are more likely to laugh in a group than alone - furthering the theory that laughing evolved partially as a way to bond people together -- just like the Cavemen in today's episode! And if you want to make more memories with your kids with fun after-episode educational activities, go to www.WhoSmarted.com and grab our free newsletter, which is chock-full of easy ways to keep the learning going. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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