Who Smarted?
Who Smarted?
Dec 7, 2020
How do ears work?
Play • 14 min
Thanks so much for listening to our podcast, WHO SMARTED? But here's a silly question... HOW are you able to listen to it? With your EARS of course! But how do your ears work? How do three tiny bones in your ear help amplify sound and translate sound waves to your brain? And how/why does your hearing affect your balance? Get ready to hang out with the three smallest bones in the human body - The Ossicles - on today's episode about Ears! Your kids will discover how 3 tiny ear bones, THE OSSICLES, work together to create sound. When your eardrum vibrates in response to sound, it causes these ear bones to move in response. This amplifies the vibrations in the fluid in your inner ear, which touches thousands of nerve endings, triggering electrical impulses your brain then turns into "hearing". They will learn that the ear is also responsible for your sense of balance, which relies on there, tiny, liquid filled tubes in your inner ear - the vestibular system. And they'll discover you are more likely to fall when you have a cold because being sick causes a disruption in the inner ear fluid, which leads to dizziness. So no tightrope walking when you have a cold - just like we tell our friend Terry Tightrope in the episode. And get more fun info & activities at www.WhoSmarted.com   See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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