Is gift-giving your love language?
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If your spouse doesn't speak your love language of gift-giving, continue to speak theirlove language. A gentle reminder to them of what your love language is might be helpful.

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Dr. Caroline Leaf
CLEANING UP YOUR MENTAL MESS Chapter 1: What happens when we don't use our minds correctly
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All God's Women
All God's Women
Sharon Wilharm
Ezekiel's Wife: The Prophet's Beloved
In today’s episode of All God’s Women we look at Ezekiel’s wife. The Bible only provides one sentence about her directly, but we can learn much more as we look at Ezekiel’s life and God’s advice to him concerning his wife. Theirs is a love story that withstood life’s trials. Regardless of whether they were together before they were taken captive or if they get together during captivity, their honeymoon years would have been fraught with difficulties. Imagine their fear as they were taken from their homeland and deported to a foreign wasteland, their struggles to survive, their concerns for the future. At 30-years-old Ezekiel received his prophetic call. Anyone who’s had a family member in the ministry knows the difficulties that come with ministry life. When your husband is a prophet warning the people of destruction and devastation in the days ahead if they don’t repent, well, it might affect your standing in the community. She would have likely felt a distance from the other women. At times it probably felt like the two of them against the world. But at least they had each other. At the end of a particularly difficult day of preaching to the masses, Ezekiel knew that he could come home to outstretched arms, a warm welcome, and a hot meal waiting for him. They gave each other strength to face the difficulties. Ezekiel was a young man when his wife died. One day she was the light of his life. The next, she was gone.  *All God's Women is a Bible study podcast where we journey through the Bible one woman at a time. If you enjoy learning about women in the Bible, tune in each week to learn about a different Bible woman.* *Social Corner:* All God's Women on Facebook All God's Women Bible Study Group on Facebook Host Sharon Wilharm on Facebook Host Sharon Wilharm on LinkedIn Host Sharon Wilharm on Pinterest *Listed in **Top 30 Christian Women Podcasts You Must Follow in 2021* *Host Sharon Wilharm is a Christian speaker, female filmmaker, and women's ministry leader. Check out her movies available Amazon Prime, TubiTV, and other online streaming platforms. To learn more about Sharon and her movies, visit her **website**. *
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Sexual Addiction:Strength/Hope/Recovery
Sexual Addiction:Strength/Hope/Recovery
Sex Help with Carol the Coach
Wouldn't A 12-Step Program Help Anyone with Carol the Coach
I recentlyYou have heard me say that the 12 Step Program could help anyone be a better person. Well now there is a book that explains how everyone should ascribe to the 12 Step Process! Today, Carol the Coach will be interviewing Kristin Snowden co-authored  with Scott Brassart called Life Anonymous: 12 Steps to Heal and Transform Your Life.  It was written to help non-addicts (and addicts) understand and apply 12 step concepts to their own lives to help them navigate personal and relational crises.  It incorporates various therapeutic tools and exercises, as well.  It can also be a helpful tool for those who love/are in a relationship with addicts and want to better understand what recovery can look like (meetings, working steps, building relationships).  The book weaves in personal stories of how those who don’t identify as addicts can apply the 12-Step model to their lives.  Kristin references her years of running a mens drug and sex addiction program, helping clients gain sobriety through a recovery program, while also applying the concepts to her own personal/relational struggles in life at the time.  Scott shares his personal story of recovery as a drug and sex addict.  The book tackles difficult concepts around rebuilding your life and identity after devastation, identifying shame and trauma and developing resiliency skills for both, improving interpersonal relationship tools like boundary setting, communication, practicing empathy and compassion and engaging in secure attachment with others.Want to better your life? Then this book is for you!
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